Dr. Nikki Goldowski, Dr. Kelly Hansen & Christine Smith

Hearing Loss? Vertigo? Choose the Audiologists at Trinity Hearing & Balance

While we don’t think about them too much, our ears do a whole lot more than hold the glasses on our faces! They bring in a plethora of information, allowing us to understand, communicate and protect ourselves. When the hearing is affected, there could be a variety of reasons, and qualified Audiologists, like Kelly Hansen Au. D. and Nikki Goldowski, Au. D., the doctors at Trinity Hearing and Balance, can be instrumental in finding answers. The ear does so much more than listen.

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With iTero technology, Dr. Albert's patients can avoid the discomfort of getting dental impressions.

Albert Family Orthodontics Makes an Amazing Impression Without Taking Impressions!

Albert Family Orthodontics’ offices are friendly and inviting, with a caring staff who give personalized attention to each patient. Each location, Trinity and Palm Harbor, has a snack bar, coffee, and iPads for patients and their families to enjoy. The positive experiences patients have shared about Albert Family Orthodontics make me wish Dr. Albert had been practicing when I was a kid! 

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