Keeping Dollars in the Local Economy

Published on 14 March 2012 in Editorial
Matt Selby (author)

Matt Selby


In today’s rough economy, small local businesses are closing their doors on a daily basis, while many big corporate businesses still have the investors and financial backing to pull through. There is nothing wrong with national companies by any means, but by spending our money in locally owned businesses we can help our local economy flourish instead of decline. 

When we spend money locally, we contribute to the wellbeing of the entire community. Local businesses build strong vibrant towns, linking neighbors in a web of economic and social relationships. Local ownership ensures that important decisions are made by people who live in the community and thus will feel the impact of each decision they make directly. Many local businesses recycle excess revenue by giving back to the community in which they live, which enriches the area and creates an even better place to live and love. Locally owned and operated businesses also create jobs and sometimes pay even better than the “big guys.” 

Competition is not a bad thing. A marketplace of tens of thousands of small businesses is the best way to ensure innovation and above all, low prices. For example, there are hundreds of restaurants within any given city, some of which operate right next to each other. This is necessary in a thriving economy. Can you imagine if there was only one type of each business in each town? The price of a cheeseburger would be astronomical! 

Entrepreneurship is what fuels America’s economic innovation and prosperity and serves as a key means for families to move out of a low paying job and into the middle and upper class. By spending money locally, we are putting money directly back into the community, therefore helping your family, your neighbors and your friends. 

Help out all of our ambitious and brave local entrepreneurs by spending money in their places of business today and watch the community build a prosperous tomorrow! 

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