Suncoast Urgent Care – A Trusted Provider in Trinity for a Decade

Published on 19 June 2017 in Business
Kim Thomas (author)

Kim Thomas

Co-Founder Dr. Duic (3rd from right) and some of the professionals who are part of the Suncoast Urgent Care team

Co-Founder Dr. Duic (3rd from right) and some of the professionals who are part of the Suncoast Urgent Care team

Many in the West Pasco and North Pinellas areas already know Suncoast Urgent Care and its friendly staff and doctors, but it may come as a surprise that July will mark a decade that this family-oriented emergency medical practice has served the community.

Located at Trinity Village Center just off of State Road 54, Suncoast Urgent Care is the perfect answer to the question of where to go when you have an emergency that doesn’t require the hospital.

It is open seven days a week, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Monday through Saturday, and 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Sunday.

Founding physicians Peter C. Duic, MD and John P. Opyoke, MD are residency-trained in Emergency Medicine and are board certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine. Dr. Opyoke and Dr. Duic are trained to handle the gamut of medical emergencies and they designed Suncoast Urgent Care to be equipped to treat nearly all non-life threatening emergencies.

Furthermore, Drs. Duic and Opyoke and their medical staff provide the community with convenient and competent health and wellness care which includes the effective weight loss program Doctor’s Choice Weight Loss.

Suncoast Urgent Care has continued to grow to meet the needs of the community; its staff now includes physicians, nurse practitioners, RNs, medical assistants and x-ray technicians. Trusted by the community for the past decade since Suncoast Urgent Care opened its doors, it has seen over 125,000 repeat visits at its Trinity location alone.

When recently speaking with Dr. Duic, it was hard to believe nearly ten years have gone by since he and Dr. Opyoke opened the doors to patients in Trinity on July 16, 2007. At the time, the doctors’ families were so young; their children were still preschoolers.

Former Emergency Department physicians, they drew upon their extensive ER experience to build an urgent care facility that offers modern technology and good oldfashioned care along with hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate!

Equally important, Suncoast Urgent Care is immaculately kept. Drs. Duic and Opyoke’s vision has always been to provide both the care and the environment in which they would want their own family members to be treated. “We’ve stayed true to our original mission – to treat our patients like we’d treat our family,” shares Dr. Duic, “but I think we now have an even deeper understanding of what it is like for our patients.

Over the past ten years our own families have gone through some stressful medical issues and it really makes you think of what the patients and their families are going though. We focus on making our patients feel comfortable and providing good care, which includes prompt care. Our providers listen and give patients the time they need and help us understand what’s going on.”

Suncoast Urgent Care is not meant for life-threatening emergencies – for a life and death situation a patient should go to the hospital ER. Rather, Suncoast Urgent Care provides quality medical care in a state-of-the-art facility for patients who are sick or injured who do not require the Emergency Room.

A visit to Suncoast Urgent Care is far less costly to the patient than a visit to the hospital ER and, as one of their slogans says, they treat everything from “Common Colds to Broken Bones.”

Many parents bring their children to Suncoast Urgent Care for school and sports physicals and the quieter summer months are a great time to get ahead of schedule with a thorough, quick and convenient $29 school or sports physical.

Young athletes often spend more time practicing during summer months and parents know that bumps, bruises, sprains, and breaks are sometimes an unwanted part of the game. Your child will receive quality care quickly at Suncoast Urgent Care. “We treat a lot of sports injuries,” says Dr. Duic. “We have an x-ray machine on site and are humbled to receive lots of referrals from local sports clubs. We are very familiar with pediatric injuries which may be different from adult injuries due to growth plates.”

In some cases, more extensive imaging is necessary. Suncoast Urgent Care has affiliations with off-site radiology providers who offer more advanced imaging, such as CAT scans and MRIs, on the same day, if needed.

Digital medical records allow for images to be viewed easily from one provider to the next and make it possible for the doctors to receive report studies back on the same day.

In addition, should a patient benefit from seeing a medical specialist, the providers at Suncoast Urgent Care are familiar with specialists in the area and will do their best to help patients schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

On-site digital x-ray, EKGs, lab testing, IV fluids and medications from an onsite pharmacy at each location make it even more convenient for patients and helps cut down on travel, time, and cost.

Also, Suncoast Urgent Care’s onsite lab provides immediate results for Strep, Mononucleosis, Flu, urinalysis and more.

Businesses Partner with Suncoast Urgent Care

Many local businesses have chosen to partner with Suncoast Urgent Care.

The practice offers Occupational Medicine which includes pre-employment drug screens, random and “Under Suspicion” drug testing as well as treatment for work related injuries for local retail, service, industrial and corporate clients; they also handle workman’s compensation cases and provide physicals for the Department of Transportation.

“We work with big and small businesses throughout Pasco and Hernando Counties,” says Dr. Duic. “We have a strong relationship with the school boards, the police and fire departments as well as some big employers including UPS and Target.”

Get Results with Doctor’s Choice Weight Loss

In addition to providing a wonderful urgent care facility both here in Trinity and in Spring Hill, Drs. Duic and Opyoke created a personalized, physician assisted weight loss program that helps clients turn their health around.

Dr. Duic speaks about Doctor’s Choice Weight Loss: “Our philosophy is to make it as simple as possible. After an initial consultation, we design an individual weight loss program for clients that will guide them toward their weight loss goals. Simple meal plans are provided to assist with not only food preparation, but also with shopping for easy-to-prepare meals. Nutritional counseling is provided, free of charge at the client’s request.”

Suncoast Urgent Care is Available When Your Family Physician Can’t Be

There have been many occasions over the past ten years when my own family has turned to Dr. Duic and Dr. Opyoke at Suncoast Urgent Care, from needing checking out after a car accident to viruses, flus, bad sprains and high school sports physicals.

It isn’t that we don’t have a great primary care physician, we do, but often emergencies, fevers and sickness happen after doctors’ offices close or on the weekend.

At the patients’ request, Suncoast Urgent Care will share any findings with the primary care physician and they have a great relationship with many physicians in the area.

In fact, a lot of primary care physicians in the area refer their patients to Suncoast Urgent Care when they are away on vacation or out of their offices for training.

When you need a doctor right away or want to save yourself the expense of the hospital ER for a minor injury, turn to Suncoast Urgent Care.

Suncoast Urgent Care has two locations: 10730 SR 54, Ste. 104, in Trinity and 4112 Mariner Blvd. in Spring Hill. Hours are 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. on Mon. – Sat., and 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. on Sun. Call (727) 372- 3888 to reach the Trinity office. Log on to for additional information.

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