Remaining fall exam schedule: SAT: Oct 7, Nov 4, Dec 2; PSAT primary date Oct 11; ACT: Oct 28, Dec 9.

     Now that school has started and most schedules have settled down, we can all take a long, relaxing breath and think about fall planning.

  Seniors and their parents are thinking about applying to colleges, the SAT and/or the ACT Exam, FASFA forms, and Bright Futures and other scholarships … on top of all the academics and activities that constantly demand attention.

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Fall means King Mackerel

September is still a very hot month in our area of Florida but with that being said, the water temperatures start to come down slightly and that means King Mackerel will be flooding our waters anytime. By the end of the month, the King and Spanish Mackerel, will show up in large numbers as they make their migration through our area well into November. Fall is my favorite time of year to troll the reefs and hardbottom off Clearwater, and the King Mackerel is exactly why.

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Dr. Amir Shirmohammad & Dr. Stephanie Eldridge

Trinity Family Physicians Celebrating 10 Years of Taking Care of You and Your Family

When the husband and wife team Dr. Stephanie Eldridge and Dr. Amir Shirmohammad opened Trinity Family Physicians in 2007, they wanted to bring a unique and special type of care to the area. “We both grew up in Tampa and wanted to return here after our residencies,” said Dr. Shirmo, as his patients call him. “We heard of a new hospital in Trinity that was opening and decided to open our practice in this area. From the very beginning, we have been overwhelmed by the love and support we’ve received from the community.”

Best of Philly Cheesesteak House boasts the best Philly cheesesteak sandwich around.

Best of Philly Cheesesteak House boasts the best Philly cheesesteak sandwich around. If you love oooey-gooey-melty cheese, sizzled steak, or chicken, cooked to perfection and real deal hoagie rolls straight from Philadelphia – oh yeah, you know what I’m talking about – then you will absolutely love Best of Philly Cheesesteak House in New Port Richey. Located at the Woodgate Plaza on Seven Springs Boulevard, Best of Philly Cheesesteak House is a hit with everyone, from the single hungry guy or gal, to a huge group of family and friends – no appetite will be left unsatisfied! And the best part; they deliver!


I don’t normally do this, but considering I am personally a new member of Orange Theory Fitness, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell all of our readers one thing. If you’ve ever wanted to change your appearance and live a healthier lifestyle, I don’t think there’s a better option than joining Orange Theory Fitness Trinity! 

Linda Beach

Get Holiday Ready with Hair by Linda Beach

Have you been settling for, it’s good enough with your current hair style? Do you feel like you have problem hair that you can’t do anything with? Have grey hairs started to sprout up and you’re not sure what your next step should be?

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