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Published on 30 October 2017 in Business
Kathryn Samaltanos (author)

Kathryn Samaltanos


As time passes, families grow and change and, too often, family history can become lost. When you look at an old photo you may not remember its significance.   If your grandparents are no longer around to tell the story behind the photograph, the memory may be lost forever.   As time passes, your old home movies, slides, photos, and videos change too.  Movie film, slides, and photos fade, change color, and become brittle or fragile.  Even videotape degrades over time and when video formats become obsolete; your family’s memories may be lost.

The staff at Pasco Camera Exchange has over 30 years of experience in audiovisual production and we understand the importance of preserving your family’s precious memories for future generations.  Located at 5405 Main Street in New Port Richey, Pasco Camera Exchange has been a trusted source for over 20 years in camera purchases (both new and used), camera repairs, photography supplies and classes.   Pasco Camera’s customers are enjoying finally being able to view those boxed-up memories with ease and convenience.

Unlike many corporate drugstore chains,   all of Pasco Camera’s video transfers are done locally.   Many people don’t know that when they go to the large chain drugstore to have a video transfer made, most of the time, their old photos, films or negatives are sent out-of-state and sometimes even out of the country, so they run a risk of losing those irreplaceable memories.  You also don’t receive the one on one personal attention of a trained technician working on your memories to make them the best possible, not a mass produced product without the personal touch.

Preserving the Past

So many people have that big box of slides in the back of their closet – photos that are close to 100 years old or old family movie film – what you don’t realize is that you can easily lose them to decay if you don’t transfer them to a digital format.

Environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and sunlight affect photographs significantly.  Not long ago, there was no way for an individual to indefinitely safeguard those films, but with advances in digital technology, those precious moments of personal history can be preserved for generations to come.  

Video Transfer

Video transfer is the solution.  Pasco Camera offers a variety of video formats options to meet your budget and quality needs. They use digital video technology and DVD media that will play on your DVD player.   Also offered is HD Blu-Ray video and HD Digital video files that can be used on your computer, digital tablets, cell phones, smart TV’s, and even cloud storage.  

Pasco Camera is able to transfer your old photos, negatives, slides, Regular 8, Super 8, and 16mm film and most all formats of videotape. 

Video transfers can be simple or a full blown video productions with music, titles, and DVD navigation menus.  Once transferred to digital form, you can enjoy your memories over and over again using your current equipment, with no fear of damaging the originals. You can even order extra copies economically to share so everyone in your family and your friends can share in the enjoyment.

DVD Ideas

DVD’s make wonderful keepsakes capturing milestones for many different events including weddings, anniversaries, memorial services, family reunions, graduations, religious ceremonies, retirement and more.  You can organize your family history/events in chronological order and re-tell your story with titles and music that create a powerful and emotional presentation.   When making a DVD for a special occasion, whether it’s a memorial service honoring the life of a loved one who has passed away or an anniversary or graduation celebration, the end result usually doesn’t leave a dry eye in the room. 

J. Rogers, a happy customer shares, “When my sister and I viewed the DVD that Pasco Camera made for us we were so pleased!   I was so surprised at the quality of the entire project.   I think it’s a priceless gift and my mom loved it!”

With a video transfer, sharing the past with family and friends has never been easier.  Bring in your memories to Pasco Camera Exchange for a free estimate.

Pasco Camera Exchange is located at 5405 Main Street in New Port Richey. 

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