If you drive as part of your work, your vehicle could be a tax savings for you come April.

The 2017 per-mile rate is 53.5 cents for each business mile driven.  If you have a small business, work in sales, or occasionally use your personal auto for anything work-related, it could really add up. 

What you can’t deduct are the miles you drive from home to your primary business location as that is considered commuting and a personal expense.  Even if you make business calls or have advertising on your vehicle that mileage is still considered commuting and personal.


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Regardless of your age, it’s important to your health that you develop a good relationship with a physician. Many times when patients choose a doctor, they may pick an internist because they haven’t had a family physician growing up. A family practitioner is a pediatrician and internist combined into one specialty that cares for both children and adults. At Langer Family Medicine they accept patients ages 5 and up, with an emphasis on women’s health.

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