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Published on 18 December 2017 in Business
Carla Selby (author)

Carla Selby


Regardless of your age, it’s important to your health that you develop a good relationship with a physician. Many times when patients choose a doctor, they may pick an internist because they haven’t had a family physician growing up. A family practitioner is a pediatrician and internist combined into one specialty that cares for both children and adults. At Langer Family Medicine they accept patients ages 5 and up, with an emphasis on women’s health.

The specialty of family medicine is centered on lasting, caring relationships with patients and their families. Family physicians are trained to deal with a wide variety of medical issues that might be experienced by the members of a family unit. It is to the extent, which this relationship with the patient (or family) is valued, developed, nurtured and maintained that distinguishes Langer Family Medicine from the rest. Helping the practice maintain these high standards of service is Rhode Island native, Dr. Donna Malone, D.O. who is Board Certified in Family Practice.

Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (DOs) are fully licensed physicians who practice in every medical specialty. They provide a full range of services, from prescribing drugs to performing surgery, as well as using the latest medical tools. But DOs, like Dr. Malone, offer something truly special—their unique approach to patient care.

As part of her medical education, Dr. Malone received additional training inosteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT).

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, or “OMT”

DOs often use OMT to relieve pain. Research shows that people with low back pain who got OMT needed fewer painkillers. This technique may also ease migraines. It is an excellent alternative for people who are unable or unwilling to use NSAIDs or other types of pain medication.

If you get OMT, you should expect your DO to use their hands to apply light pressure, resistance, and stretching. It should not hurt.

The practice consists of several different techniques, including:

  • Soft tissue: You’ll feel stretching and pressure on your muscles.
  • Muscle energy: In this technique, you move your muscles in a specific direction while the DO counters that movement. Think push-pull.
  • Myofascial release: Your DO uses firm but gentle pressure to release tension in the fascia, which is the layer of connective tissue that surrounds your bones, muscles, and organs.
  • Osteopathic cranial manipulative medicine: Your DO applies soft pressure to your skull to stimulate healing.


Prevention Starts With Kids

Millions of infants, children and adolescents in the United States do not receive key clinical preventive services according to a report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Clinical preventive services are extremely important to support healthy development. Preventive medical services help detect conditions and diseases in their earlier, more treatable stages significantly reducing the risk of illness, disability, early death, and expensive medical care. “Preventive medicine needs to begin with our children,” says Dr. Malone. “At Langer Family Medicine, we offer school physicals and regular examsto make sure your little ones are strong and on track for a healthier and longer life.”

Dr. Malone graduated in 2011 from Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Ft. Lauderdale and completed her residency in Family Practice at HCA Largo Medical Center. She recently joined Langer Family Medicine in August of 2017. Even though Dr. Malone has only been practicing at Langer Family Medicine for a few short months, she has quickly gained the trust and affection of many patients.

Frank Porter from Holiday, Fl says, “There aren't enough good things to say about Dr. Malone. I like people in general but trust very, very few. Dr. Malone was an exception; by the end of my second visit she had my complete trust. I recommended her to several people had also become her patients.”

Dr. Malone really takes time to listen to each of her patient’s concerns and   answers any of their questions. She is extremely knowledgeable and easy to talk to, and once you meet her, you’ll quickly get the feeling that you’ve known her forever. You will not feel rushed or uncomfortable while Dr. Malone is seeing you, she will make you feel at ease and put all your doubts to rest. All you have to do is follow instructions and focus on getting better.

Working at a private practice, allows Dr. Malone to practice medicine in the best way possible; with more passion, compassion and freedom. “The biggest benefit of working at a private practice, besides the time flexibility, is the fact that we don’t work for anyone else, we work for our patients,” says Dr. Malone. “We don’t have a corporate umbrella to answer to, so we can provide a more personalized care to our patients. There are no time restrictions or strict guidelines, soif we want to take an hour with a patient we do it. It’s all about that personal touch and showing that we truly care about the health of each one of our patients.”

Sonia from Dunedin says, “I love Dr. Malone! She is extremely caring, comforting and easy to talk to. She takes the time to listen, understand and answer all my questions. I recommend her to all my family and friends in the area and will continue to do so. I'm so glad I found her!”

If you are looking for a remarkable and attentive doctor that you can trust, and if you crave that personalized attention and comfort that comes from talking to a well-known professional at a private practice, then look no further!  Dr. Malone is the practitioner for you, your kids, your spouse and even your parents! “There’s nothing more rewarding than to win a patient’s trust and hearing them say they are feeling better and their health is improving,” says Dr. Malone. “Of course it takes time and dedication to earn a patient’s trust, but it’s all worth it at the end. Just knowing you can make a huge difference in someone’s life… there’s nothing better than that. Getting a referral from that happy, satisfied and trusting patient is just an added bonus.”

Langer Family Medicine PA is located at 1806 Short Branch Dr #101, Trinity, FL 34655.

To makean appointment with Dr. Malone, please do not walk-in, but call (727) 372-0873 in advance to schedule your visit.

Dr. Malone’s Office Hours are:

Monday - Thursday 9:30am - 5:30pm

Friday 9:30am - 4:30pm.

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