Become the Best You in 2018 with Orangetheory Fitness

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New year, new me, right? Let’s be honest, the initial few weeks of every year, you’re a paragon of health. You go jogging three to four times a week and stick to a strict diet plan. But then, Valentine’s Day rolls around, and you give into the office candy jar—three times in one day. You start fearing you have fallen off the wagon and consider giving up completely… don’t! If you truly want to make a positive change in 2018, and are serious about achieving your fitness resolutions, Orangetheory is your exciting path to a trimmer, more toned and self-assured you. 

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Tampa Bay Plumbers

Tampa Bay Plumbers

What if I told you the “good guys” from the “good ol’ days” still exist? We’re talking about the blue collar guys that treat you and your family as they would treat their own. At times, it seems like a thing of the past. If you spend five minutes online you’ll find negative reviews on many plumbing companies in the area. In today’s economy it’s tougher than ever to find honest, hard, fair work but we’ve found it. We found a company who will work hard for you and your family to fix any and all of your plumbing and/or septic problems. Most importantly, they’re a reputable and licensed company. I’m talking about Tampa Bay Plumbers!

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Rossi Has THE BEST PIZZA in Town! This was a traditional sausage and pepperoni pizza... YUM!

Rossi Ristorante Italiano - Your Nonna’s Got Some Serious Competition!

My nonna’s (Italian for grandmother) cooking finally met it’s match at Rossi Ristorante Italiano, where the true flavors of Italy are brought to life in every dish! 

I was raised by an Italian family, which means I grew up knowing what true Italian cuisine was all about; the fresh produce, the local seasonal ingredients, the aromas, the passed down family recipes, the pasta “al dente,” and the entire experience that comes with enjoying a good Italian meal in a worry-free, family environment. And that is exactly what you will find at Rossi Ristorante Italiano.

I recently had the opportunity to visit this neighborhood staple located in the Seven Springs Plaza at 7254 S.R. 54, and I completely fell in love with their food! It came to no surprise at all that this restaurant has been serving delicious, authentic Italian food to local customers for over 30 years! “We have customers that have been coming to Rossi since we opened our doors 34 years ago,” said owner Gabriella Rossi. “Nothing makes me feel more proud than when I hear someone say they love our food.” 

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Donna’s Cleaning Angels start their day early as the teams prepare for their day, taking with them everything needed to provide customers with an excellent, detailed cleaning that just makes life easier!

Donnas Cleaning Angels, 27 Years of Exceptional Service and Going Strong

Is there anything better than the smell of a sparkling clean home? Most would say no but what about when someone else did all the work?

From soccer moms to the 9-5ers, most will agree that a clean and organized home makes your daily strains a bit more bearable. 

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