Donnas Cleaning Angels, 27 Years of Exceptional Service and Going Strong

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Michelle Naktin (author)

Michelle Naktin

Donna’s Cleaning Angels start their day early as the teams prepare for their day, taking with them everything needed to provide customers with an excellent, detailed cleaning that just makes life easier!

Donna’s Cleaning Angels start their day early as the teams prepare for their day, taking with them everything needed to provide customers with an excellent, detailed cleaning that just makes life easier!

Is there anything better than the smell of a sparkling clean home? Most would say no but what about when someone else did all the work?

From soccer moms to the 9-5ers, most will agree that a clean and organized home makes your daily strains a bit more bearable. 

Like most, we find ourselves searching for the time to get these inevitable chores done and wishing we could add just a couple more hours to the day. Good news, Donna’s Cleaning Angels is your saving grace!

Donna’s Cleaning Angels is a locally owned, full-service cleaning company with a team of Angels ready to tackle your cleaning needs. . "If you’re looking for more than just a cleaning service, we can provide you with the total package.” Says Owner Donna Ferrante.

Donna has built a solid reputation for exceptional service which her customers have shown their appreciation for by recommending her services to family and friends for over two decades. “I offer a very unique and personable cleaning service,” explains Donna. “My teams spend twice the time as other services for less money. The cleaning is top to bottom, complete and comprehensive. Donna realizes that many of her clients are working longer hours than ever. “They simply need help,” states Donna. “Even ten years ago, cleaning services were for the rich. Today, it is a necessity for many families and the cost is budgeted in just like the electric bill and utilities. The last thing my clients want to do on their day off is spend it cleaning their homes; time is precious and they would much rather be spending free time with family and friends.”

It’s been proven that a clean house gives way to a clear mind and the ability to focus on other areas of life. There are many other things we would rather be doing with our day. Donna and her Angels can help you breathe a bit easier knowing that your home is in order.

Donna comes from a hard-working family of entrepreneurs and grew up with a strict work ethic. Being half Italian and half French Canadian, she was raised to be a hard worker, honest and dependable in a small town in the white mountains of New Hampshire called Gorham, where her family has owned an Italian restaurant for over 66 years. Donna explains, “The dedication and success in my cleaning business is due to the closeness of my wonderful family. I am proud and honored to say that I am following in the footsteps of my parents and grandparents. We know how to cook, clean and we give 100 percent to the business.” In addition to her family’s influence, Donna attributes the success of her company to a determined attitude, a tremendous amount of ambition and meticulous attention to detail, which is accompanied by an unstoppable drive. An example of this drive was when after years of working on her own, she broke her ankle and hand in an accident. Donna knew she couldn’t continue cleaning on her own, and prayed for the future of her business and made the decision to hire her first employee.

True to her family’s hardworking legacy, Donna is loyal in her dedication to her business, her employees, and her clients. “I can’t believe nearly 27 years have gone by,” says Donna. “I’ve seen a lot of cleaning services come and go, but we are here for the long term. Now we are bigger and better than ever and are the number one cleaning service in Tampa Bay. I am so excited I still have a lot of the same customers for over 20 years!”

Donna’s Cleaning Angel’s hand-delivers peace of mind, a tidy home AND the luxury of spare time to everyone all across the Greater Tampa Bay area. Donna’s dependable Angels as well as quality residential and commercial cleaning services are specially-tailored to complement the lifestyles and the schedules of each of her customers because she knows that no client is the same. .

Donna's Cleaning Angels is a fully licensed, bonded and insured company whose employees are carefully trained, drug-free and covered by worker's compensation.

Steven and Janice Downs said “My husband and I have tried many cleaning services over the past year and we were just about to give up when one of our neighbors told us about Donna's Cleaning Angels. We thought there was just too many fly by night cleaning ladies and services out there. We are so happy that we called Donna especially after finding out all of her employees are background checked. That is so important to us and should be to anyone in the community. Rest assured folks, this is the service to call plus they do a fantastic job! -Steven and Janice Downs of Tarpon Springs 

There are endless factors when choosing a company to trust with your cleaning needs, making sure the business is bonded, licensed and insured is a good way of gauging the quality of service you can expect. Donna has ensured that all bases are covered and has protected not only her business interests, but the interests of her clients as well. "Next to your doctor, theres nothing more personal than your cleaning service which is why we take so many steps to protect you, and make you feel at ease with our service.” Says Donna. “My customers don't have to worry because I've done my homework and I carry the liability."

A true professionally ran cleaning company at its finest. Not your average everyday service that claims to be the best. Donna runs a true cleaning service with no hidden fees and no surprises. The end result is simply breathtaking and exactly what you expect when you pay to have something done by a professional. A must use A++++ Service. Try them and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.  –Chris Michael Owner of Central Park Restaurant in New Port Richey

Donna’s right hand, Office Manager Maria Santilli, is a blessing according to Donna and the feeling seems to be mutual. Good customer service seems to be harder and harder to find these days but not when you’re working with Donna's Cleaning Angels. “Customers love how much time Donna takes to meet and explain everything we have to offer them in person,” says Maria. Donna's Cleaning Angels promises to always provide prompt and dependable service, always meeting the expectation of their clients. They take time to understand, in detail, your areas of concern and leave each client completely satisfied with their service.

Sharisse Tsikouris of Odessa says, “It’s been very difficult for me to find a good cleaning company. I have been with this company for a while now and I'm a very very picky individual and they have done an amazing job! Every single week I'm never disappointed with my cleaning. If you’re looking for the best cleaning service in town these are the people to see.”

Building honest, dependable relationships is just as important to Donna as providing quality cleaning. “My girls are ‘my girls’—we are like a close knit family,” says Donna. “I appreciate and take care of them and they appreciate and take care of our clients. It’s a win win situation. The bond that Donna shares with her Angels and clients is what has built the foundation of her success. Donna’s good values, backed by her A+ team and exceptional service is why Donnas Cleaning Angels is a known name here in Tampa Bay.

Whether you are a retiree, busy with your career, or a full-time mom, Donna’s “Angels” will make your life easier. “Using the basic principles of mutual respect combined with good, old-fashioned elbow grease, the angels produce a heavenly sparkle,” says Donna. “Our customers love our back-to-basics, old-fashioned cleaning techniques, often reminding them of how their grandmothers used to clean.” To ensure that every client is happy after each cleaning, Donna offers comment cards, regularly checks in with her clients, and has regular meetings with her staff. 

Donna’s Cleaning Angels work in teams, and there is a team leader on every job. The teams are in uniforms with the Donna’s Cleaning Angels logo and wearing close-toed, non-slip shoes, which Donna says is a requirement to meet OSHA standards of safety and one that not all cleaning companies adhere to.  Donna’s Cleaning Angels are provided with a large canvas kit containing the high quality cleaning products for every job. Not only does Donna provide top of the line products and services, she also guarantees the same for her Angels. Every employee that Donna hires is background checked and covered by workman’s compensation. This is part of the reason why Donna’s Cleaning Angels is the first choice of so many people in our area. Every tool and cleaning product – from the professional grade vacuums to the lint-free cleaning rags – are carefully chosen by Donna, who has provided only the best to her clients and her employees since she first started her business nearly 27 years ago. 

Potential new customers are provided with a free, in-home estimate, and a folder that contains: Certificates of Liability Insurance for everyone affiliated with Donna’s Cleaning Angels, a copy of their business license, written referrals from customers, and informational sheets about Donna’s Cleaning Angels, its history, ownership, and information about the ReferA-Friend program. Residential and commercial clients alike appreciate that Donna’s Cleaning Angels is completely professional about providing such a polished service.

 “A few weeks ago when my young grandsons came to visit, one said, ‘Grammy you are famous! We see your cars and advertisements all over the place!’ At that moment, I realized how fortunate I am. I told them it takes hard work, determination and strength! I am not a franchise, nor did I have the backing of another company; I did this on my own. It makes me happy to know that this is a legacy that I can now leave my grandchildren. Donna adds, “At the end of the day I thank God for my blessings – the great people who work for me, a great business, my health, my home, my loved ones and my family. God bless you all and God bless America.”

If you’re ready for a detailed cleaning, schedule your free consultation at 727-942-8289. You're in good, clean hands with Donna’s Cleaning Angels! 

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  • Donna’s Cleaning Angels start their day early as the teams prepare for their day, taking with them everything needed to provide customers with an excellent, detailed cleaning that just makes life easier!
  • Donna’s Cleaning Angels provides reliable, detailed cleaning for homes and offices - call today to schedule a free estimate
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