The Right Fit Foundation Notifying Parents of Seniors of FASFA Deadlines & Requirements

Published on 18 January 2013 in News
Kim Thomas (author)

Kim Thomas


You may have heard, "the FAFSA is free and easy, you don't need help - just press the button after you file your taxes and you're done." Consider this: The IRS provides instructions on how to fill out your taxes, but not instructions on how to pay the least amount in taxes. The same is true for FAFSA. The foundation would be happy to show you how to pay the least for college.

Below is the financial aid timeline you will have to work within over the next several months:

January 1st the FAFSA will be available online. Make sure you know the financial aid deadlines for each college your student has applied to. Don't forget, some colleges require the CSS Profile, W-2s or their own financial aid forms. If you have questions about filling these out to your best advantage, give us a call - we provide free reviews.

December through February - Admission decisions come during these months and often include scholarship offers. Sometimes these offers have "expiration dates" in order to hook a family into committing to the college before receiving offers from other schools.

• March and April - Award Letters state the total cost of attendance (tuition, room/board, books, fees, etc.) and any financial aid (scholarships, loans, work-study) the college is offering. Tip: Wait to make your final decision until you have an award letter from each college. Did you receive the best possible offer? The foundation can compare your student's academic profile and your family's financial profile with the award letter to give you an idea if you received what you should have.

• May 1st is the deadline to submit your final decision. Unfortunately, May 1st does not give you a lot of time to review award letters. Don't let that stop you from making an informed decision. Compare all your offers!

The Right Fit Foundation is here to help if you have questions during this process. Like all our services, these are free to local Tampa Bay area families.

$5,000 Local Scholarship

Don't forget! The Right Fit Foundation is offering a $5,000 local scholarship to Hillsborough & Pasco County high school students.

• No essay required

• Weighted GPA of 3.0 or higher

• Preference given to middle income families (annual household income typically between $50,000 and $200,000)

To register, go to

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