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Published on 18 January 2013 in News
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Alexis Selby


Location(s): SmileFaith Foundation
(L-R) Dr. Michael P. O’Connell (Dr. Mike), Rosemarie Glade & Founder Tom Lane

(L-R) Dr. Michael P. O’Connell (Dr. Mike), Rosemarie Glade & Founder Tom Lane

The smile is a captivating expression that conveys personality, mood and confidence. Each smile tells a story – the happiness of our present state, and in some cases, the struggles of our past. Due to life circumstances and the mistakes of one’s past, many people’s once dazzling smiles have faded, leaving behind a mouth full of unhealthy teeth. At SmileFaith Foundation, they believe that no person should be limited by the condition of their smile and strive to help underprivileged individuals and veterans get much-needed dental care and regain control of their lives. “The SmileFaith Foundation has made my dreams come true,” states patient Rachel. “I now have my self-confidence back, and a beautiful smile. I showed off my teeth as if it were a new car.”

Tom and Chrissie Lane, successful entrepreneurs and caring humanitarians, recognized the increasing need of so many individuals who were suffering from the devastating affects of poor oral health. It became clear to them that many of these same people could also benefit from life coaching and encouragement to help them overcome the struggles which were keeping them from discovering life purpose, financial stability, healthy relationships and overall peace of mind. After envisioning a way to help, Tom and Chrissie founded the SmileFaith Foundation, Inc. in 2009, a 501 [c] [3] nonprofit foundation that provides charitable dental care, inspiration, and life resources for the residents of the Tampa bay Area and beyond.

“The SmileFaith Foundation leadership brings a diverse background, including community service, international aid and relief work, faithbased ministry, counseling, business development and management, and entrepreneurship,” says Shalandra Stephenson, grant organizer at Smile- Faith. “We are well-versed in servicing the dental needs of underserved and disadvantaged individuals and have also realized a marked success in providing individual counseling, as well as connectivity to important community resources.”

The SmileFaith Foundation is a unique nonprofit organization committed to charitable dental care and life coach counseling and thanks to the dedicated efforts of the amazing volunteers and employees, SmileFaith Foundation has helped over 500 recipients in the past three and a half years.

Dental Services

Since its inception, the SmileFaith Foundation’s Smile Again Program has been helping people to smile again by funding, arranging and managing substantial dental care; allowing those in need to achieve the reality of lifelong, all-encompassing health – starting with their new smile! A healthy smile not only builds confidence and encourages hope, but also helps to broaden a person’s career horizon. SmileFaith partners with dentists throughout the Tampa bay area and beyond to provide dental care to all the patients at SmileFaith.

Counseling Services

At the SmileFaith Foundation they believe there is a powerful and undeniable connection between the inward smile and the outward smile. So, in addition to providing beautiful, new smiles, the SmileFaith Foundation also seeks to reach out to the local community through their faith-based counseling program. “We engage people with a physical need and let them know they are special and that there is a plan for their life,” says Dr. Mike O’Carroll, Executive Director at SmileFaith Foundation. “We equip them with new smiles on the outside and teach them new tools so they can acquire confidence on the inside.” The program takes a holistic approach to healing the mind, body and spirit and supports individuals in their quests for happiness, self-confidence, and stronger career opportunities. Smile- Faith seeks to build lasting relationships with all of their recipients in order to help them through life’s trials both before and after the dental work is complete.

The Smile Again Program provides funding assistance for dental treatments, counseling and assessments through an individual life coaching plan, additional community resources and connections, and most importantly – a dazzling new smile!

“SmileFaith offers a hand-up not a hand-out,” says Tom, as he explains that in addition to providing grants and funding to underprivileged individuals, SmileFaith also helps their patients manage their financial situation and take responsibility for a partial portion of the cost of their dental care. By giving these recipients ownership, they now become invested in their progress, which in turn deters them from going down the path that led them to SmileFaith in the first place.



No one understands the heart and soul of SmileFaith better than Rosemarie Glade – the first ever SmileFaith recipient and the basis for which the program was founded. Before Smile- Faith, Rosemarie’s smile was decimated due to years of bad decisions, and although she was trying to turn her life around, she was reminded of her past every time she looked in the mirror. With the help and generosity of SmileFaith, Rosemarie received the blessing of extensive dental care – resulting in a beautiful, new smile. “Rosemarie is our poster child,” says Tom. “She has a confident, infectious smile! Rosemarie is now the Special Ambassador for SmileFaith Foundation. She smiles brightly everyday, as she is reminded of just how far she has come with the help of God and wonderful friends like SmileFaith. As Special Ambassador, Rosemarie now assists others who are struggling with life’s issues to find hope with every smile.”

The SmileFaith Foundation accepts new recipients based on nominations from either a friend, relative or neighbor (candidates may not nominate themselves). For more information or to nominate a deserving individual please visit their website at

SmileFaith is proud to announce the Grand Opening of their new and unique thrift shop, and Christian-based coffeehouse, which are located right next door to their office in Port Richey at 8135 US Hwy 19. All proceeds from both the thrift shop and the coffee house will go to the Smile- Faith Foundation. In order to better service local dental needs, Tom and Chrissie Lane are very excited about opening an onsite SmileFaith dental clinic in the near future. “Our plans are to have a full-time dentist at the new clinic, as well as continuing to partner with local dentist offices,” says Tom.

Mission Trips

The love and compassion of SmileFaith extends far beyond the Unites States. Through their mission trips, SmileFaith seeks to help underprivileged individuals throughout the world. On their recent mission trip to Guatemala, the SmileFaith team partnered with Guatemalan Mission Outreach and reached out to over 140 people in need of critical dental care. In addition to providing dental care, they also had an optical room where patients could go to get their eyes checked, a beautician offering haircuts, games for the children and a Bible club.

If you are interested in joining SmileFaith on their next mission trip please contact their office at (727) 807-7958. Everyone is welcome!

You Can Make a Difference

The Smile Faith Foundation is a wonderful non-profit organization that relies on the generous support of caring individuals and businesses in the local community to help fund what they do. If you are interested in changing the lives of those in need, there are many ways in which you can help – by getting your Life Coach Counseling Certification and becoming a life coach counselor, becoming a Smile- Faith Strategic Partner (if you represent a businesses, church, dental office, etc.), volunteering at Smile Faith or on one of their missions trips, or donating to their cause. The SmileFaith Foundation hopes to expand in the near future and is actively looking for volunteers, so if you are ready to make a difference, please contact SmileFaith today.

Tom and Chrissie have created such a wonderful atmosphere where people know they can go to be loved and cared for. “We form relationships with our patients and like to get to know their families,” says Rosemarie. They are your support group, your vision of hope, and most importantly – your friends!

Nothing is more eye-catching than a genuine, beautiful smile that is boasting with confidence. Unfortunately, with the rising cost of living, many people can no longer afford the luxury of visiting a dentist, and due to unfavorable life circumstances and bad decisions, suffer from poor oral health; in turn causing them to have lower self esteem and a hard time finding a job. The caring individuals at SmileFaith are dedicated to helping these underprivileged individuals turn their lives around and through their Smile Again Program offer their patients hope for their future. Dr. Mike says, “If you give people hope, it is amazing what can happen!”

The SmileFaith Foundation is located at 8125 US Highway 19 in Port Richey. To find out more information, please call their office at (727) 807-7958, visit their website at or email them at

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