Dr. Florenda Fortner Focuses on Helping Patients Feel Great from the Inside Out!

Published on 21 March 2014 in Business
Katie Thomas (author)

Katie Thomas


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Florenda Fortner, MD

Florenda Fortner, MD

Dr. Florenda Fortner’s Internal Medicine & Clinical Anti-Aging Center is located in the Craft Medical Plaza on Grand Boulevard in beautiful, historic New Port Richey. If building a trusting relationship with your doctor is important to you, along with receiving compassionate, experienced care, Dr. Fortner may be the physician you are looking for.

Her office is designed to make patients feel completely comfortable, with unique furnishings and interesting artwork from around the globe that attest to her love of travel and world culture. But it is a deep love of home and the people of the Pasco community where she grew up that have inspired Dr. Fortner to become a community leader who has dedicated herself to keeping the people here – at home – healthy and well.

Dr. Fortner completed her residency with a focus on internal medicine at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine of New York University. Her Geriatric Medical Fellowship training was completed through the Department of Veterans Affairs Geriatric Research, Education and Clinical Center in Gainesville, Florida. After receiving a well-rounded education, Dr. Fortner’s love for the community where she grew up helping out on her family’s farm led her back home to New Port Richey in 2004, where she opened her practice. Local patients embrace Dr. Fortner as their own hometown physician – a doctor they trust to care for them throughout their life.

In her practice, Dr. Fortner focuses on internal medicine and clinical anti-aging, as well as geriatric medicine. Helping to provide her community with complete health care, from young adults to the elderly, Dr. Fortner treats health issues from the common cold to diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol control, cancer screening, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, sciatica, urinary tract infections and much more. She addresses women’s health issues and provides pap smears, and breast and pelvic exams.

With a growing population of elderly, more and more people are suffering from debilitating diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or senile dementia, and Dr. Fortner’s experience in geriatric medicine and her caring, compassionate manner is invaluable to patients with these conditions, and to their families and caregivers. When your loved one suffers from these issues, they can also have gait disturbances that can lead to falls; Dr. Fortner is a physician who has the training and experience to provide you with the advice and resources you need to ensure your elderly loved ones are living life as fully, and safely, as possible.

Feel Great & Look Beautiful!

Dr. Fortner’s focus is on providing excellent and timely healthcare, but she also knows that many times when patients start feeling healthy and youthful, they want to see that reflected in the mirror. She literally helps people feel good about themselves from the inside out, whether it be through internal healing or a beauty-enhancing medical cosmetic treatment such as Botox which works wonders to soften crow’s feet and smooth out those worry lines on the forehead or between your eyes. If you have people asking, “What’s the matter? Are you upset?” when nothing is wrong at all – maybe it’s those worry lines. If so, that can be smoothed away under the skilled hand of Dr. Fortner. She is skilled at using Juvederm, which offers instant gratification by smoothing out wrinkles right before your very eyes. Dr. Fortner also carries the renowned medical-grade skincare line by Obagi.

While beauty is not the focus of her practice, Dr. Fortner is skilled at providing these cosmetic services and it simply provides her patients with another level of service that is conveniently close to home.

Her compassion and drive to provide complete care spurs Dr. Fortner on to exceed the expectations of each patient she works with. She truly enjoys treating people from all walks of life, which is why she specializes in an array of services.

If you are looking for a doctor with stellar credentials who will be here for you for the long run, then call and set an appointment to meet Dr. Fortner – a doctor who has come back to her roots with plans to stay forever, building a life caring for those in her own hometown. Dr. Fortner is married to fellow Pasco native and business owner Dale Webb of Dale Webb Roofing, and together, each in their own unique way, they are dedicated to making sure that Pasco County continues to thrive.

The Internal Medicine & Clinical Anti-Aging Center accepts most insurances and accommodates people with no insurance by offering cash payment options. Dr. Fortner says, “There are so many people who have lost their insurance and that is why I make sure I can help them by offering cash payment options for medical appointments and medication through samples if it is available. There a lot of people in these unsure times who need this option.” Please call Dr. Fortner’s office for more information.

Dr. Florenda L. Fortner’s office, The Internal Medicine & Clinical Anti-Aging Center, is located at 5535 Grand Blvd, Suite C, in New Port Richey. Please call (727) 841-0700 for appointment or visit www.drfortner.com for more information about Dr. Fortner’s services.

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