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Published on 21 March 2014 in Business
Julie Kanehl (author)

Julie Kanehl


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(L-R) Dr. Sheri Rosenthal and Chiara DeLosh at the Working Women of Tampa Bay’s Annual International Women's Day Luncheon

(L-R) Dr. Sheri Rosenthal and Chiara DeLosh at the Working Women of Tampa Bay’s Annual International Women's Day Luncheon

When you have dreams that seem out of reach and goals that you haven’t met, do you know what you need? You need someone who is committed to helping you get there! Start by taking your dreams and goals and infusing the passion of the professionals at Smart Bird Consulting. Utilizing the positivity and Smart Bird’s commitment to keep you on track––can, not only help you reach a goal, but potentially change your life forever. That’s what a Certified Life Coach can do, from no-nonsense exercise routines to marriage and family counseling. From learning how to create a budget to finally biting the bullet and writing that book you’ve been putting off. A Professional Life Coach can be as involved in your goals as you want them to be, from occasional brainstorming sessions to daily or weekly appointments set to keep you on track. Smart Bird Consulting knows that you have wings to fly, and sometimes it takes a Life Coach to help you take off.

Smart Bird Consulting was founded by Chiara DeLosh, who has been a bit of an advice magnet her whole life. Chiara is known for being full of life and possessing a wealth of knowledge on everything from fitness and entrepreneurial advice to financial freedom. Chiara is a natural, and she has hired a team of Professional Life Coaches with experience and educational backgrounds in many different fields to help people with a wide range of achievements.

Chiara says, “I’m a goal setter and I like to bring that to other people. My goal is to find out what their passion is.” She adds, “My current goal is to help as many people as I can.”

Always a Life Coach in some capacity, Chiara began in college as a student mentor and was a leader in many different activities and school clubs that involved helping others. Graduating in the top of her class, she earned a BA in Accounting and a BA in Business Management from D’Youville College in Buffalo, New York. Her career flourished in accounting, giving her the opportunity to work with many for profit and nonprofit companies. She gained consulting skills helping management see different sides of their business. Sometimes all it takes is a different perspective to change the way you look at things. She has helped companies streamline their organizations, improve communication, and helped to provide them with real solutions.

For the last ten years, Chiara and her husband and partner, Rey DeLosh, owner of U.S. Debt Relief and a Tampa Bay native, have helped people get back to financial freedom, as both of them are Certified Credit Counselors as well as Certified Financial Health Counselors. Helping people earn financial freedom is a bit of a passion for the DeLosh family. Three years ago, Chiara began to feel that she was drawn to helping people earn another kind of freedom– –the freedom to enjoy their life and help them to live the life they’ve always wanted to lead. That’s when Smart Bird Consulting was born.

With the company launched in 2013, DeLosh is a wife, mother of two, and a hard-at-work career woman. Her approach to life has allowed her to blend family with her passions. Now, as a Certified Life Coach, she wants to help as many people as she can to make their life a success. Even with all this, she still finds time to be a volunteer youth sports coach, and is a member of Working Women of Tampa Bay and the National Association of Professional Women. Chiara also takes time to post free tips and inspiration on social media sites.

Chiara’s Life Coaching Philosophy states: “There is no easy road to success or life. I pull no punches––Life is what you live and success is something you earn along the way. Just you wait–– I’m just getting started.”

Why a Life Coach?

For many of us, our goals and our dreams are not only shaped by our own beliefs, confidence and ability to proceed to meet them, but by the many opinions of those around us. Whether good or bad, our friends, spouses, parents and sometimes even our kids weigh in on every aspect of our lives from finances to weight loss and everything in between. Ever have a great idea that gets shot down by everyone at the kitchen table? Ever thought of opening a business but decided to put it off because you didn’t have the know-how? A Professional Life Coach is someone who can objectively help you to meet goals, help you find information, collect research, and ultimately coach and guide you as you rise to meet the many challenges that the journey may entail. What a Life Coach can do is give you short-term achievable goals, much like stepping stones, and then guide you over and around the obstacles in your path.


Smart Bird Consulting Founder Chiara DeLosh with Heidi Janshon, Mary Kay Team Director

Smart Bird Consulting Founder Chiara DeLosh with Heidi Janshon, Mary Kay Team Director


Why it Works!

The thing about a Professional life Coach is that they’ve heard every excuse in the book. You’re tired, you’re busy, the kids have soccer, and you have work. Yep. They do that too. So, they have the resources and the patience to help you rise above each excuse so that you can be the best possible version of you.

Maybe you’re not sure what your personal goals are. Well guess what? That’s one of their specialties at Smart Bird Consulting! They can help you to identify what your goals are to begin with. New clients can choose from one of their already successful programs or create their own.

One client said, “I love all the advice I can receive at a fraction of the cost… Very reasonable rates.”

Popular programs include their Entrepreneur Program, their Family and Relationship Help Program, their Health and Fitness Program and their Mommy Help Program, which helps moms who are trying to figure out how to juggle working from home, parenting, organizing and running at a million miles per hour. Who can relate? I can!

Chiara says, “I don’t sugarcoat or judge; I am not a therapist. I give you a real plan of action with life adjustment materials. Our Life Coaches and I will focus on getting you out of your comfort zone and motivating you into getting measurable results.”

That’s right, they focus on the here, the now and the future instead of the past, because as they say, the past is over, the future is up to you and the present is a gift.

Each client that comes to Smart Bird Consulting is treated with respect, and each package is completely personalized around each person’s individual needs. What one person may need from their Life Coach will be completely different from the next! You can even sign up to be Full Programs client, which incorporates all of the programs together to fit your individual needs. This is a great program for those who might feel overwhelmed or lost as to how to proceed, or even where to start.

Sometimes what seems like an ending is a beginning of something new and better.

Your dreams are waiting to be realized. It all starts with a free consultation and meeting the team at Smart Bird Consulting. From business advice to personal advice, Chiara’s team is ready. You know that dream you’ve been burying in the “I’m too busy” file? Get it out, dust it off, call Chiara and her team at Smart Bird Consulting, and change your life for the better!

Smart Bird Consulting is located in the Tarpon Towers just off of U.S. Highway 19 at 905 E. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Suite 390, in Tarpon Springs. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, call toll free, 800-481-5922, or visit the website, “Like” Smart Bird Consulting’s page on facebook to get updates and helpful tips.

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