Local SPCA On The Verge of Closing Its Adoption Center

Published on 21 March 2014 in Events

Location(s): The SPCA Suncoast

Shelter officials at the SPCA Suncoast in New Port Richey, indicate that the shelter finds itself in a financial crisis and on the verge of closing its adoption center. Unless donations pour in immediately to help care for the animals there, the facility will be forced to close in just a few weeks.

Several situations have come together to create a drain on the budget that hasn't been seen since the shelter first opened its' doors 50 years ago. The slumping economy, significant increases in insurance, veterinary costs, utilities, fuel, and basic maintenance of the buildings have all taken a toll. They’ve cut or eliminated expenses everywhere possible without compromising the animals’ care & reserve funds have been tapped into, and there is simply no more.

Make no mistake, if this shelter closes, the effects will be devastating. The SPCA Suncoast helps the community in so many ways. Above all of the services they provide perhaps none will be more impacting on the local community than the SPCA Suncoast’s adoption program. Roughly 85% of the shelters current adoptable animals are transferred from local animal services euthanasia list. Without the SPCA Suncoast’s adoption program those animals will face time limits that most will not survive. Plus, pets that cannot be safely taken into the SPCA Suncoast also face being dumped along the side the road and abandoned.

What you can do?

Everything helps. $5, $25 -- anything you can give. Also, Saturday, March 29th from 9am - 12pm the SPCA Suncoast is hosting a Fill the Truck fundraiser at the adoption center located at 7734 Congress Street in New Port Richey. Accepted items include pet food, cat litter, cleaning supplies and of course desperately needed monetary donations. It is only with the community’s help that the shelter can remain open and continue their mission. If can, please help. All contributions are tax deductible.


Contact information Mail or drop off donations to The SPCA Suncoast, 7734 Congress St, New Port Richey, FL 34653

For those wishing to donate items and supplies, please contact the shelter at 727-849-1048 to discuss their needs and drop-off times. Phoning after noon is best. For additional press questions or information please contact Devlynn Saunders, shelter manager at the SPCA Suncoast at Devlynn@SPCASuncoast.org or 727-645-7895.

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