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Published on 22 June 2014 in Business
Julie Kanehl (author)

Julie Kanehl


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Thomas Wolfe, MD

Thomas Wolfe, MD

If you’re looking for a doctor’s office that can treat every member of your family, has a personable staff, accepts most insurances and has multiple offices, you will find it at Family Medical Centers. Located near your neighborhood at 2208 Duck Slough Boulevard near Outback Steakhouse in Trinity, Family Medical Centers makes it easy to get an appointment and get back to feeling better right away.

Family Medical Centers treats every member of your family, from pediatrics to geriatrics, and is a great choice for when you need to come in and get yearly physicals, student and sports physicals for the fall, and for those visits that need to happen because you’re not feeling well. If everyone in the family is sick, it can be a blessing to go to one doctor’s office instead of two or three to seek care. Offering focused, personal attention to each of their patients, the physicians at Family Medical Centers are committed to your health, longevity, and your quality of life.

Meet Dr. Thomas Wolfe

Board Certified family physician, Thomas Wolfe, MD joined Adam Greenfield, DO at Family Medical Centers in January of this year, bringing 30 years of experience and a great sense of humor with him.

A graduate of Indiana University School of Medicine in 1984, Dr. Wolfe completed a Residency in Family Medicine in 1987 at Southwestern Michigan Area Health Education Center, as well as a Fellowship in Family Medicine and Obstetrics at Spokane Family Medicine in Washington State.

A second-generation family physician, Dr. Wolfe says, “I work with what my patients give me. That is, I consider their lifestyle in developing a treatment plan and I do not harp on their bad habits.” He adds, “I try to introduce humor into the situation when I can, I love to make my patients laugh when I can.”

Easygoing and dedicated to his craft, Dr. Wolfe is conservative in his approach and specializes in adolescent medicine. He enjoys tackling complicated diagnoses. Most of all, he says, “I love the art of medicine.”

Dr. Wolfe has practiced medicine in many different settings, ranging from being the small town family doc, to working in the fast-paced emergency room and urgent care environment. Additionally, Dr. Wolfe has experience in women’s health and Occupational Medicine, and most recently, he worked on a Naval base in Pensacola as a civilian physician. He even worked for the Veterans Administration doing disability evaluations for over a year.

Because Dr. Wolfe’s experience is so extensive and varied, he has pretty much seen it all. A father of five grown children, one of whom is an Army Officer, Dr. Wolfe realizes the importance of keeping families healthy and is most interested in trying to improve his patients’ quality of life.

Choose Family Medical Centers for Auto Accidents, Sports Injuries and Weight Loss

Like Dr. Greenfield, Dr. Wolfe can help people with a wide range of medical concerns, from the common cold, to disability evaluations. In fact, Family Medical Centers specializes in working with patients who have been in auto accidents or who have had work-related injuries. Family Medical Centers is one of the few local physicians who accept workman’s compensation.

Auto accidents are a common issue around here, between U.S. 19 and S.R. 54, almost everyone we know has been in an accident. Sometimes the adrenaline that flows at the time of the accident makes people think they are “fine,” when in reality they should see a doctor right away. While most of the time, Family Medical Centers encourages appointments; the physicians and staff there do not want you to wait when you’ve been in an accident. Come right in, no appointment necessary! They will work with your insurance company, and even communicate with your lawyers where necessary. They understand the importance of getting evaluated quickly, as sometimes pain doesn’t even set in for a number of hours after the accident – after the shock of the situation has worn off.

While they don’t have a lab in office, Family Medical Centers can do most blood work “in house,” and even offers drug testing for a variety of clients from employers to correctional facilities and everyone in between. Having the opportunity to have blood work done at the office saves time, and simply makes it easier on patients who would otherwise have to run around town going from one appointment to the next.

Family Medical Centers is dedicated to treating your entire family’s medical concerns with dignity, respect, and careful attention. If you are concerned about weight loss, the physicians at Family Medical Center are ready with a program that can truly help you get results. Without using fad diets that don’t work, the doctors can help you understand how your body works, and help guide you with a program that will help you make the lifestyle choices that will work! You can do it! They can help!

Whatever your medical concerns, Family Medical Centers will be a partner in your entire family’s healthcare. With two caring physicians, convenient hours and two local offices, Family Medical Centers is there to “help you heal.”

The Family Medical Centers has two locations: 2208 Duck Slough Blvd. in Trinity, which you can reach directly at 727-375-5885; the Port Richey office is located at 10806 U.S. 19 N, Suite 102A, and can be reached at 727-861-7043. Office hours are Mon. – Fri., 9 a.m.–5:30 p.m. with a break for lunch between 12 -2 p.m. For additional information, visit online at

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