Monticciolo Family and Sedation Dentistry Relocates Bringing Happy Dentistry Closer to You

Published on 22 June 2014 in Business

Location(s): Monticciolo Family and Sedation Dentistry
Vincent J Monticciolo, D.D.S. M.B.A. J.D.

Vincent J Monticciolo, D.D.S. M.B.A. J.D.

Monticciolo Family and Sedation Dentistry is known for making sure patients feel happy about their dental experience, which is part of the reason it has remained one of the most popular dental practices in the area for many years. That, and the fact Vincent J. Monticciolo, D.D.S. provides his patients with the most current technology available for optimal dental health. Making patients smile is the goal of every provider and staff member at Monticciolo Family and Sedation Dentistry, which has two locations. Dr. Monticciolo recently relocated the New Port Richey office from Grand Boulevard to a much more spacious and convenient spot for all of Trinity and New Port Richey, at 5139 Little Road near Rancho Del Rio Drive in New Port Richey. There also is a location on Hillsborough Ave. in Tampa.

Monticciolo Family and Sedation Dentistry is a full service dental office for the whole family, offering everything from preventive care to implants and cosmetic dentistry procedures. The dental office is accepting new patients so if you are looking for a dental office that strives to provide personalized oral health care tailored for your unique dental needs and goals, then you will love the dentists and staff at Monticciolo Family and Sedation Dentistry.

When you become a patient, you are a priority. During your first visit, important background information, like your medical history will be noted, and you’ll be given time to get to know your doctor. They work hard to create the ultimate stress-free and comfortable dental experience.

If you have questions about certain dental procedures or dental health in general, you’ll enjoy Monticciolo Family and Sedation Dentistry’s website which provides you with all of the important information you need to make healthy decisions about your teeth and gums. You will find information on sedation procedures, crowns, Invisalign, preventive care, or periodontal exams and much more.

A spacious new office that is designed for comfort is just one way that Dr. Monticciolo gives back to his patients. This is a dentist with a big heart who also gives back to the community. Dr. Monticciolo is the Founder of Dentistry From The Heart, which held its 13th annual event in February. These events put smiles on hundreds of people’s faces while donating more than $150,000 in free dental care. You can find more information about Dentistry From the Heart online at

Happy Patients - Happy Dentistry

Patient Brenda Lee is happy with Monticciolo Family and Sedation Dentistry and is excited that the office will now be even closer. She wrote, “Had my procedure done and am healing up. I love how kind the staff are and Dr. Monticciolo did everything he could to make me comfortable in office and at home afterward. He is opening a new office closer to my home and my children will now be new patients there. If you are a chicken of the dentist, try Dr. Monticciolo, he cares.”

Another patient, Sandra-Wally Evans wrote, “Dr. Monticciolo and his staff is an answer to my prayers. Finding a good dentist is hard to come by but finding a great dentist is even better. Dr. Monticciolo is very personable and easy to speak with. He is very concerned about your wellbeing and making sure that you're well taken care of. His nurses and staff will answer all your questions to the best of their ability. I certainly will be going back to seeing him.”

If you are looking for a dental office where everyone will make you a priority, focusing on providing exceptional care in a comfortable, relaxed and happy place that will make you smile, call and set an appointment with Monticciolo Family and Sedation Dentistry.

Monticciolo Family and Sedation Dentistry recently relocated to 5139 Little Road in New Port Richey. Call 727-376-7338 or visit online at for additional information.

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