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Published on 22 June 2014 in Business
Julie Kanehl (author)

Julie Kanehl


Whether you’re buying or selling, or in most cases, both, it’s important to choose a realtor who can help you throughout the entire process. From the initial house hunt to closing, Denise Denver of the Re/Max Realtec Group is an excellent choice. She brings a passion for working with clients as a team, and for getting results!

Re/Max Realtec Group is located at 4175 Woodlands Parkway, just off of McMullen Booth Road in Palm Harbor, as well as offices in Trinity and Spring Hill. Centrally located to serve all of the surrounding areas, including Trinity, New Port Richey, Tarpon Springs, East Lake, Safety Harbor and even St. Petersburg, Re/Max Realtec Group is well known for only taking on the best of the best of the realtors in the market. Maybe that’s what puts them on top.

Denise says, “Re/Max Realtec Group only hires professional realtors with experience.” She adds, “We are the #1 Re/Max office in Florida!”

A Multi-Million Dollar Producer, Denise has been a realtor for almost a decade, and is proud to be part of the elite Executive Club many years running. One of the top-producing agents in New Port Richey and Trinity, Denise is familiar with our local communities because she lives here, she dines here, she shops here, and she knows the market! Which, by the way, is improving! Properties, both, large and small are selling, and people are moving to Florida, specifically because of the long and difficult winter up north. This is a great time to sell, but it’s also still a buyer’s market!

Ready to Sell? Denise Gets Results Fast!

When it’s time to move, timing is everything. A house that isn’t priced right will sit too long, and will only frustrate the seller and prospective buyers. For example, if a house has sat on the market too long, buyers may think there’s a reason and avoid it. Knowledge is truly your best tool when selling your home, and a realtor like Denise is an expert.

Pricing your home right at the get-go is your best chance of selling quickly! In fact, many homes are selling right away when priced right. The housing market is a living, breathing and ever-changing entity, so how do you know when you’re priced right? It’s what’s called “comps” or comparisons. When you hire Denise to sell your house, she will meet with you and show you a detailed list of houses in your neighborhood and what they have sold for recently. She will choose houses that have a similar floor plan to yours, and consider additions such as pools, half baths, whether or not your roof or A/C system is new, and together you will come to a price that makes sense.

Denise says, “I always tell my clients that we have to work together to get it sold!”

Real estate is priced per square foot, which is what helps keep the market stable, and keeps people from simply pricing their home at a million dollars because they are emotionally attached to it. Choosing a price isn’t an emotional decision, and it’s not a decision made lightly. The key is to know the market, the neighborhood and the home’s worth. This takes someone who has your best interest in mind, as well as someone who can get you the results you need. Sometimes that’s a delicate balance! Denise Denver is skilled at finding the number that everyone is comfortable with, and getting results quickly! Hire Denise, and soon enough you can say, “It sold!”

Buy with Confidence with Denise!

Re/Max believes you should “dream with your eyes open,” which is very good advice. Most of the time real estate is a very personal, and even emotional experience. Have you ever watched a home-buying show? You hear people say, “Oh, I love the wood floors,” or “I just loved that window seat in the nursery”! Those are emotional terms, and it can even be worse when you’re selling a house that wasn’t just a house, but a home. A place where you watched your babies grow, and where memories were made. But dreaming with your eyes open, that means that you’re aware of what’s truly there-not just the parts you love about a house, but helping you to see the whole picture. Perhaps there’s a house that has the character you want, but it’s not in the school zone you were hoping for. Or perhaps, you work in Tampa, as so many local people do, but you also want to have access to the beautiful beaches in Pinellas County. Denise can help you find the right home with the right price, and the right commute.

There are some really desirable communities in our area, from Southern Oaks and Magnolia Estates to Trinity West and Thousand Oaks. There’s East Lake Woodlands, Lansbrook, Crescent Oaks, and Keystone Heights! Do you know which neighborhoods offer parks for the kids? What about which ones are gated? How about communities that offer access to Lake Tarpon? So many factors go into choosing a home: commutes, school zones, square footage, one story or two, pool or no pool. The list goes on, and it’s different for every person, couple, and family!

That’s what makes an experienced realtor like Denise Denver so helpful, because she can help guide you by sharing school zone information, home owner association policies by neighborhood, and even who to hire for mortgages, inspections and repairmen! She knows the area, she knows what traffic is like on Little Road and East Lake Road, and she knows the difference between the school hours in Pinellas vs. Pasco counties. It’s this kind of personal experience and firsthand knowledge that makes a realtor so crucial to the whole procedure. In a world of real estate apps and Google Earth, there is nothing like a Realtor who is knowledgeable, accessible and professional, like Denise.

If you are looking to sell or buy a home, Denise Denver is ready to help you get results. Part of the Re/Max Realtec Group, Denise can be reached at 727-452-8608. For more information, visit her website at

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