Posh Paws Mobile Grooming Gives Your Pets the Royal Treatment!

Published on 22 June 2014 in Business
Julie Kanehl (author)

Julie Kanehl


If you haven’t seen the Posh Paws Mobile Grooming van in Trinity yet, you’re bound to, because Posh Paws is gaining a reputation for being a favorite grooming choice for pet owners! The Posh Paws van is a full service pet salon on wheels, and the best part is they come right to you! Pets all over town are getting their before and after shots, and to be honest, a few of them are starting to act like divas, so if you start noticing how good looking and happy the pets in the area are, it’s probably because they are being pampered by Posh Paws Mobile Grooming!

Local resident and owner Taya Stuthers has always loved animals and she wanted to have a career where she was doing something that she was passionate about, so she attended the Tampa Bay Pet Grooming Academy with the goal of creating a fun-loving and safe grooming company. At the academy she learned the proper techniques and skills that allow her to feel at-ease working with the many different animal breeds out there. This training is extensive and includes nearly 300 hours of education. This knowledge makes Taya an excellent choice for carefully grooming your beloved pet.

The Posh Paws Mobile Grooming van is air-conditioned and even heated during the cooler months, so that your pet will always be comfortable, no matter what the Florida weather is doing outside! Also, your pets will even have the option of watching their favorite shows while at the salon, and what doggie doesn’t love that?

The best part of choosing a mobile pet grooming service like Posh Paws is that she comes to your door! That means you can avoid difficult, and sometimes messy, car rides to and from the salon. Many pets stay home, and if they get in the car become fearful that they are going to the vet. Make your pet’s grooming experience a completely relaxing one for them and especially for you by choosing Posh Paws.

Another advantage of Posh Paws Mobile Grooming is that you get to avoid the pet “meet-and-greet” that typically takes place in the lobby of most pet salons. With Posh Paws Mobile Grooming your pet will not be exposed to other animals and is never left alone. While some groomers leave your pet to “crate dry” for hours, Taya personally dries your pet’s fur, so they not only look fantastic, but they feel fantastic too! That means that your pet receives a private grooming experience, which can be less stressful, and even safer!

Taya has been traveling around town prettying-up pups for just a year, and yet, word of mouth is spreading quickly! Izzy Borczyk said, “My dogs are usually shy around new people, but they both instantly loved Taya. She treated them like spoiled princesses and they were so happy after she was done! They both looked beautiful and my family was very impressed. The van was spotless and Taya is a natural with animals! It is hard to find a good trustworthy groomer that truly loves animals, but I will gladly bring my dogs back. I highly recommend Posh Paws!”

Squeaky Clean from Ears to Paws!

The menu of services at Posh Paws Mobile Grooming is awesome. They offer both packages and a la carte services, just like a human salon! From their full-service grooming option to special services including tooth-brushing, nail polishing and facials, your pup will be excited when that bright pink van pulls up to your home!

Full-service grooming at Posh Paws includes a bath, a blow dry, a careful cleaning of their ears and sensitive areas, trimming of pads, tail and nails, and a haircut for their face and body. Anal glands sometimes need expressed, and Taya can do that upon request.

If your pet doesn’t quite need a full-service grooming experience, Posh Paws offers the “Face, Feet & Tail” treatment! This is includes a bath and a blow dry, an ear cleaning, as well as a cleaning of those sensitive areas, pads and tail trimming, and a haircut on their face. There’s also a “Bath, Ears & Nails” option that includes a bath, blow-dry, a nail trimming and an ear cleaning! If your pet only needs a nail-trim, that’s always an option, too.

Taya is easy to talk to and can help guide you to pick a package that suits your pet’s current needs. She has a way with animals that puts them at ease, and she has a talent for making them look their best!

A la carte services include the Blueberry Facial, which is the perfect way to take away tearstains in your furbaby’s face! Safe, relaxing and a real treat, your pup will look, feel and smell beautiful after this amazing spa experience! Other options include nail painting, de-matting and even a Furminator treatment, which can reduce shedding by as much as 80%!

Another happy customer said, “We had our precious pup Rosie groomed by Taya at Posh Paws Mobile Grooming. Taya was right on time, and consulted with me on what I needed done. She did a fantastic Job and Rosie was groomed exactly the way I wanted her done. Taya’s van was meticulous and I felt so comfortable with the whole experience. I have recommended her to several friends, who have all been thrilled with Posh Paws. I would highly recommend Posh Paws mobile grooming to anyone who is thinking of having their dog groomed.”

If you are looking for an excellent and trustworthy groomer who will make it easy on your pet, your lifestyle and your wallet, look no further than Posh Paws Mobile Grooming! They accept all breeds, and if you have a menagerie of pets, Posh Paws can handle them all!

Barb Mistretta said, “Taya had no idea what she was getting into, when she agreed to take on our 4 Corgis at one time! She did an excellent job and we would highly recommend her to all!”

Posh Paws Mobile Grooming serves: Trinity, New Port Richey, Tarpon Springs, Odessa, Palm Harbor, East Lake, Land O’Lakes and Lutz. Posh Paws’ hours are 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. on Mon. – Fri.

To make an appointment or for additional information, please call (727) 992-2376 or visit online at poshpawsmobilegrooming.com. Email is PoshPaws7@gmail.com.

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