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Published on 22 June 2014 in Business
Julie Kanehl (author)

Julie Kanehl


Hurricane season is upon us, and it’s time to make sure that our most precious investments will be able to protect our most precious assets, come wind, come rain, and come hail. That’s why there’s no better time than the present to have your roof checked by one of the experienced professionals at Sharpe Professional Roofing. With 30 years of experience in protecting, repairing and replacing roofs in the Tampa Bay Area, Sharpe’s reputation for putting customers first makes them top notch.

Located in Trinity, Sharpe Professional Roofing works with clients in Pasco, Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties, dropping everything at a minute’s notice when needed, and rushing to people’s rescue when Florida’s weather strikes a punch. Of course, prevention and protection are preferred to super-hero rescues, but they’re prepared for all of the above.

Michael Popovic, who recently had his roof done by Sharpe Professional Roofing gave them five stars and said, “[They are] great people, hard workers, they deliver on promised deadlines, and a beautiful roof! They are the best!”

Experienced, Dedicated & Professional

Owned by Ed Sharpe and his lovely wife, Natalie, Sharpe Professional Roofing has earned many professional accolades including being a Master Elite Roofing Contractor for GAF, which is known as “North America’s largest roofing manufacturer.” In fact, Sharpe Professional Roofing was recently given the coveted Installation Excellence award, as well as the Consumer Protection Award by GAF themselves. Additionally, Sharpe Professional Roofing was recently a recipient of the Angie’s List Super Service Award for 2013, but more important to the Sharpe family, is the positive individual feedback that they receive from their satisfied customers that means the most.

That may be because of Ed’s humble beginnings working with his family’s construction businesses. Learning a great many skills in a variety of areas, it was really as a teenager on a roof, helping out, and learning the ropes the hard way (which by the way, is roasting in the Florida elements with a bucket of nails and a barrel of determination), that Ed found his niche. It wasn’t long before his passion for protecting others turned into Sharpe Professional Roofing. Of course, that was over 30 years ago, but Ed’s passion for quality, excellence and hard work hasn’t changed one bit, and that’s what makes his company so unique.

Before Ed realized his dream of opening his own roofing company, he had a job as an insurance adjuster and did that for 15 years, which really opened his eyes to the reality of the importance of quality work, materials and installation.

Sharpe says, “I specialized in roof-related catastrophic-like claims.”


Sharpe Professional Roofing uses the best products available in the industry such as Eagle Tile and GAF Shingles shown on the roofs pictured above, which are representative of the type of products and roofs installed by the company.

Sharpe Professional Roofing uses the best products available in the industry such as Eagle Tile and GAF Shingles shown on the roofs pictured above, which are representative of the type of products and roofs installed by the company.


In fact, his experience is really invaluable when it comes to dealing with insurance companies. If you do need to file a claim with an insurance company because of a roofing issue, Ed’s team has many years of experience navigating claims from initial damage to complete resolution, and Ed’s personal experience as an adjustor helps his current customers to have a bit of an inside view of how things work. That’s the kind of experience that should put Sharpe Professional Roofing’s phone number in your contact list.

Ken Hooker, who had his roof done in 2013 said, “What a great company! The job wasn’t started until we were sure of the right roof and color. Rains came and Sharpe Roofing touched base with us keeping us informed as to when they would be coming and we never felt we were left ‘hanging.’ Fantastic company. Ed Sharpe and his crew were great to work with and we have a roof even better looking than we expected. With the torrential downpours this summer, our new roof stands to give us satisfaction of a job well done. We have had folks comment, “looks nice” and we respond back, “Ed Sharpe Roofing!””

From Leak Repairs to Roof Replacement!

The truth is, people tend to take their roof for granted. They don’t think about it at all until it’s too late! But, when Florida’s weather drops a tornado that spits hail, or sends hurricane force winds our direction, it leaves people scrambling wondering when they even had their roof last inspected. Don’t be surprised! Be prepared! Sharpe Professional Roofing can come out and make sure that your roof is ready for whatever weather may come our way this summer.

Insured and fully licensed to service the entire state of Florida, Sharpe Professional Roofing specializes in shingle and tile replacement and repairs for local homeowners, but also provides roofing needs for commercial and retail customers as well. From small repairs to replacing your entire roof, Sharpe Professional Roofing is experienced at guiding customers through the many choices, solutions and options available.

Sharpe prides himself on only hiring qualified employees who know exactly what they are doing, instead of working with subcontractors or day laborers. From their detailed free estimate to final clean-up, the entire Sharpe Professional Roofing crew puts their customers’ needs first by using only the highest quality materials, offering superior warranties, and by completing each job right the first time.

Many things can cause roof damage besides Florida’s weather. From poor quality shingles, to poor ventilation, or even improper cleaning techniques, once your roof is damaged, water, moisture, and even animals can come inside your home and wreak havoc.

Most roofs need to be replaced every 15-20 years, but with proper maintenance and regular inspections, your roof can last longer. Some things that you can learn from Sharpe Professional Roofing is how to spot a leak quickly, detect any issues and keep your home safe. If you’ve been neglecting the roof over your head, call Sharpe Professional Roofing right away for excellent customer service, high quality workmanship and a fair price.

Sharpe Professional Roofing will be expanding to a new facility off of S.R. 54 near U.S. 19 in New Port Richey in the near future, so stay tuned for updates on all of the wonderful things happening at Sharpe Professional Roofing by staying tuned to the Neighborhood News & Lifestyles.

Sharpe Professional Roofing is open Mon.–Fri., 8 a.m.–5 p.m., as well as by appointment. Simply give them a call and they will come out and conduct an estimate for free! you can contact Sharpe Professional Roofing at 727-375-7055, email, or visit online at

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  • Sharpe Professional Roofing uses the best products available in the industry such as Eagle Tile and GAF Shingles shown on the roofs pictured above, which are representative of the type of products and roofs installed by the company.
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