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Published on 15 August 2014 in Business
Katie Thomas (author)

Katie Thomas


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Saied Shayes, DMD & Azita Eskandari, DDS

Saied Shayes, DMD & Azita Eskandari, DDS

Husband and wife dentists Azita Eskandari, DDS and Saied Shayes, DMD recently celebrated the ten-year anniversary of the opening of their family-friendly dental practice, Trinity Dental Care. With a location that is convenient to every neighborhood in Trinity––at 1843 Healthcare Drive, just behind the Walgreen’s at the intersection of Little Road and Mitchell Boulevard––the couple’s office is not only home to the two dentists, but is home to a great staff whom always have patients’ best interests in mind. 
Trinity Dental Care is a bright and friendly office that never overbooks patients, so you can be in, out, and on with your day as quickly as possible. Dr. Eskandari says, “One of our main goals here is to help people receive the care they need as efficiently as possible. We don’t have a big office because we don’t want people sitting out in the waiting room for hours waiting on their dental care. We keep it small because we keep the wait time small. You will usually be seen within five minutes of your appointment time. We do this because it helps us give the best care possible to each individual patient, while helping them with them save time.” 

You are in good hands with Dr. Shayes and Dr. Eskandari at Trinity Dental Care

You are in good hands with Dr. Shayes and Dr. Eskandari at Trinity Dental Care

Dr. Shayes and Dr. Eskandari started out with a small office on Hillsborough Avenue before moving to Trinity. “At the time we saw growth happening here in the community. We were nervous at first because there were more cows than people! But the area has been great to us and we absolutely love our clientele,” says Dr. Eskandari. “When we started here, we had recently gotten married and I was pregnant with our first child. Patients we’ve known since then have become a part of our family and have watched our kids grow, as well as helped our business grow. We are very thankful.” 
Dr. Shayes and Dr. Eskandari are local residents who live only a few minutes away from the office, which allows them to serve patients during evening and weekend hours. If you have an emergency dental situation, Trinity Dental Care is always available to help! Dr. Eskandari says, “We are here for the long haul. Our kids love their school, we love our neighborhood and our patients couldn’t be any better.” 
The couple met at a dental conference in 2000 and immediately knew they were right for each other. Four years later they took on the journey of building a business and a family. Since both kids are still young, Dr. Shayes is the primary dentist at Trinity Health Care and Dr. Eskandari is part-time. She splits her time between work and being an on-top-of-it mom for her kids. 
“We strive to stay on top of the latest innovations within dentistry,” says Dr Eskandari. “The materials for oral care are always changing to make procedures easier for the patient. We attend conferences and continue our education because it allows us to provide our patents with the best in dentistry. My husband wants the latest and best because whatever is new helps us provide better quality dentistry to our patients.” 

General Dentistry with a Focus on Preventive Care 

From age six and up, Trinity Dental Care is able to take care of the entire family and treats patients with all general dentistry services, including non-surgical gum treatments, root canals, fillings, crowns, dentures, partial dentures, repairs, implant restorations and cleanings. 
“We can take care of everything for you here and we work with your schedule, so if you need to have everything done in one day, we do our best to get it done for you,” says Dr. Eskandari. “The only time we refer out is if a difficult case arises and a specialist is needed for the patient’s safety.” 
Oral health is extremely important to overall health. Dr. Eskandari explains, “It’s all connected. The health of your mouth can have an effect on your entire body, which is why we are really big on preventative dentistry. If we can educate our patients on proper gum and tooth care, it can help so much in the difference of their oral and overall health.” 
Dr. Shayes suggests visiting every six months to have an oral check-up and teeth cleaning for preventive care, along with getting x-rays once a year. This way if something in your oral health changes, the dentists will be able to see, document and help you before it gets really bad! No one likes a toothache! 
Even if you are just in for a set of x-rays or your scheduled cleaning, you will always see Dr. Eskandari or Dr. Shayes. “We alway check each individual patient even if they are just having a cleaning, just to make sure everything is okay.” 
Trinity Dental Care has a large referral base in case you need a specialist and is located in a plaza with some of the best professionals in the Trinity area, so you won’t have to make a hike to take care of your needs! Dr. Eskandari says, “If I need to send anyone anywhere, we have a great group of professionals right here in our plaza.” 

Saturday Hours Are a Plus! 

Trinity Dental Care offers Saturday hours, which is great for patients who work Monday through Friday, and especially for patients who need a lot of work done. They also offer evening appointments for extended treatments. Dr. Eskandari says, “We are flexible to work with people’s schedules. I’ve heard from so many people that they appreciate this about us. We know how busy life can get and understand that it isn’t easy to take time off from work, which is why we try to accommodate our patients on weekend and evenings.” 

Trinity Dental Care

Trinity Dental Care

Recently in 2012, Dr. Shayes and Dr. Eskandari opened a second office in Tampa, right off Bruce B. Downs called A Briter Smile Dental Care. Only twenty minutes from Trinity, this location allows for the couple to be available at either location for dental care. This helps save you time because you can choose either location depending on your centralized area. 
One of the best things about Trinity Dental Care (besides the friendly and knowledgeable team) is the fact that they make an effort to get all your work done on the same day, even if you are a new patient. “When we book a new patient we book enough time to allow for x-rays, gum check, cleaning, and more so you don’t have to come back. You can get everything taken care of that day if you want because we make sure to block of plenty of time to spend with you as an individual!” 
Trinity Dental Care always keeps the patients’ best interests in mind and does their best to find discounts where they are available for services. They accept all insurance providers with PPO dental plans, participate with care credit a finance company, offer discounts to patients without insurance and offer senior citizen discounts. Dr. Eskandari says, “Depending on service and work, we try to help you as much as we can with discounts. Care credit is a great way to pay off a little at a time, which takes the stress out of your dentist visit.” 
Visit Trinity Dental Care’s website,, to watch a video about the team, read the dentists’ bios and to see a full list of services. You can also find a questions and answers page that may help you out. 
Trinity Dental Care is located at 1843 Health Care Drive in New Port Richey. Call (727) 372 -2001 for appointments.

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