Authentic Concepts Kitchen & Bath Design Gets Straight A’s on this Remodel and Redesign!

Published on 13 September 2016 in Business
Authentic Concepts Kitchen & Bath Design

Authentic Concepts Kitchen & Bath Design

Sharon and Andy wanted a dreamy, spacious master bathroom, and realized it would never happen in their 25-year-old space without the help of an expert. So they visited the stunning showroom at Authentic Concepts Kitchen & Bath Design in Palm Harbor, where ideas are in full bloom and expert design help is the standard. Conveniently located at 3265 Tampa Road at the Shoppes at Clover Place (near Mystic Fish restaurant), Authentic Concepts Kitchen & Bath Design is owned and operated by Glenn Rumer, a Florida licensed contractor (#C-11019) with 17 years of experience in kitchen and bath remodeling, with the last 12 years being here in the Tampa Bay Area. 
Glenn and his team, Gina Rumer and Designers Rebecca Peake, Emily Miller and Wendy Hilton, specialize in creating custom spaces, and have the skill and knowledge to take on any kitchen or bathroom-remodeling project, no matter how intensive. Glenn says, “I try to see the best potential the space has, not only for design, but for functionality. I believe you need to marry those two in order to have a beautiful and functional kitchen or bathroom. Not one that is just a showcase, but that you can enjoy.” 

Authentic Concepts Kitchen

Authentic Concepts Kitchen

He certainly made Sharon and Andy happy! Though impressed with Authentic Concepts Kitchen & Bath Design, the couple wanted to explore their options. 
Sharon wrote about her experience in July this year, sharing, “I obtained several quotes for the work performed, which included a total new design in the master bath. The bathroom had a funky, large wasted space area that was a design challenge. Glenn and Authentic Concepts came up with a great plan, took our input and built on that. They are creative and more importantly, focus on providing value for your dollars spend. (One of my quotes for nearly the exact thing was $20,000+ more AND that company has spotty reviews!!) The work was performed on time and Glenn was on the job constantly, checking and double-checking to make certain all was well. 
“We had one ‘oops’ in that after the platform tub was removed, the hole under that was much deeper than anyone expected. That created a delay (had to get a concrete truck to pout LOTS of concrete in there to fill it up) but Glenn had his workers triple timing to catch back up to the original schedule! There was constant communication between Glenn, his workers and with us – no surprises, no delays. After all was installed, I changed my mind (lots of women will understand). Glenn bent over backward to make the changes and have some of the tile replaced and redone. And his fee to do so was extremely reasonable – I’ll bet he lost money on something that was absolutely not his fault!!!” 
Sharon continues, “Authentic Concepts also redid our laundry room and we LOVE the changes. His creative use of a shelf on which the washer/dryer now sit (instead of those $500 platform drawers) has opened up much additional storage, looks wonderful and gets a lot of… ‘I wish I’d though of that’ comments. My experience with Authentic Concepts has been outstanding. I’ve built two houses from scratch over the years and done a lot of remodeling as we’ve moved quite a bit so am well aware of the good, the bad, and the worst ever. His design was creative, very workable, very affordable, with quality products. The workmanship is excellent. The pricing remained as agreed to (except for my big Change Order) and no hidden surprises at the end. Communication was excellent throughout.” 
Sharon and Andy’s final review: 
• Overall A 
• Price A 
• Quality A 
• Responsiveness A 
• Punctuality A 
• Professionalism A 
If you dream of a redesigned and remodeled kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room, visit the showroom at Authentic Concepts Kitchen & Bath Design. The team at Authentic Concepts makes dreams come true for homeowners. 
Authentic Concepts Kitchen & Bath Design (Florida Contractor License #C-11019) is located at 3265 Tampa Rd. at the Shoppes at Clover Place in Palm Harbor. Showroom hours are Mon. – Fri., 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. and 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. on Sat. Closed Sun. Log on to for more information. Follow Authentic Concepts Kitchen & Bath on facebook and twitter for news and updates.

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