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Several members of the Comprehensive Breast Care team at Medical Center of Trinity

Several members of the Comprehensive Breast Care team at Medical Center of Trinity

Early detection is the best defense against breast cancer, so if you’ve been putting off your yearly mammogram because you dread the experience of sitting in a large lobby with 20 other people who are waiting for imaging for everything from broken arms to kidney stones, then make an appointment at the Women’s Imaging Center at Medical Center of Trinity. Don’t wait for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, do it today and mark that mammogram off your to-do list. Located on the 4th floor of the Medical Arts Building at Medical Center of Trinity on State Road 54, the Women’s Imaging Center makes it easy to get in and out for your appointment, offering all imaging services daily, and the space is quiet and comfortable. But most importantly, the Women’s Imaging Center provides patients with superior imaging technology and a comprehensive breast care team that is focused on providing exceptional, well-rounded care to every patient, whether providing patient education, simple screening mammograms or bone density tests, or supporting patients through biopsy, breast surgery and reconstruction. The team even has a Breast Patient Navigator to guide patients and their families to the emotional support that is often needed when dealing with serious health issues. 
Imaging services offered at the Women’s Imaging Center include: 2D and 3D Mammography, Breast Ultrasound including Ultrasound- Guided Biopsy, Breast MRI including Breast Biopsy, Minimally Invasive Core Biopsies, Stereotactic Biopsy, Lymphoscintigraphy, Bone Densitometry, and Ultrasound Biopsy. 
Dede Dickinson is the Director of Imaging Services and is dedicated to making sure that the Women’s Imaging Center has the latest technology for imaging, such as the Genius™ 3D MAMMOGRAPHY™. This 3D imaging enables the team’s radiologist, Albert Chang, MD, PhD, to examine breast tissue layer by layer. So, instead of viewing all of the complexities of your breast tissue in a flat image, as with conventional 2D mammography, fine details are more visible and no longer hidden by the tissue above or below. Considered a breakthrough in the early detection of breast cancer, the FDA-approved and tested 3D Mammogram is clinically superior to the 2D exam, detecting 41% more invasive breast cancers and reducing false positives by up to 40%. 

The above image shows the difference between a 2D Mammogram and a 3D Mammogram

The above image shows the difference between a 2D Mammogram and a 3D Mammogram

“As a radiologist, I am excited to use this technology,” says Dr. Chang. “It completes our repertoire of imaging tools, making us even more comprehensive.” 
While 2D mammogram technology is recommended for most screenings, women who have very dense breast tissue, implants, or scar tissue may benefit from the 3D Mammogram. It’s reassuring that both are available, and if any other imaging is needed, it is right there. “If we do a conventional mammogram and see an area we aren’t sure about, I can order additional imaging right away, whether it is the 3D mammogram, ultrasound or MRI,” explains Dr. Chang. “And if a patient needs a biopsy, they are turned over to meet with the surgeon. Patients have told me that because we can provide for every need they have and a quicker way to an answer, just that alone gives them reassurance. We don’t want patients to have to anxiously wait for days or weeks for results.” 
Alene Wright, MD (*one of the breast surgeons on the team I was able to speak with) adds, “You can’t have a comprehensive breast care program without a team that includes a radiologist, a pathologist and a surgeon.” That is what is wonderful about the Women’s Imaging Center at Medical Center of Trinity – patients not only have the best imaging available, but if a biopsy or surgery is needed, it is beneficial that there is a team already in place in the same building who love working together for fast diagnoses and treatment. A skilled breast surgeon, Dr. Wright adds, “We are here for patients every step of the way. We can take care of any breast cancer here. It’s important for people in this area to know that they don’t have to go elsewhere – we have a solid cancer program right here in this community.” [*Note: Medical Center of Trinity has several skilled physicians who provide care to the patients in the Comprehensive Breast Care program. This article reflects comments of team members who I was able to meet with.] 
 The Women’s Imaging Center and Comprehensive Breast Care program is accredited by the American College of Radiology in MRI, US, CT, NM and mammography, and is a Certified Community Cancer Program by the Commission on Cancer. Ivy Landell, RN is the Breast Patient Navigator, which is an apt title for one whose job it is to make sure everything is “smooth sailing” for patients. She is available to answer any questions, aftercare and support group referrals. She says, “We have resources available to provide education, bras, prosthesis, wigs and emotional support.” Ivy also has referral sources to help uninsured women. “Women should not put off seeking breast health care because they don’t have insurance. Instead of sitting around ignoring symptoms, they should call and we will direct them where they need to go.” 

Screened and Fabulous! 

Penny Stevens is the Screened and Fabulous Coordinator for the Women’s Imaging Center and her job is to put some fun in the mammogram experience. Everything is easier with the support of friends – even mammograms! The Screened and Fabulous program is a great way to get your friends, coworkers, sisters and cousins to get a baseline mammogram screening. If you would like a pre-arranged time exclusively dedicated to you and your group of gals, contact Penny by phone at 727-834-4888 or email at m to set up your Screened and Fabulous appointment, where wine and friendship make a party out of getting your yearly mammogram. 
 In addition to duties related to the Screened and Fabulous program, Penny Stevens works to get insurance authorizations and helps to answer questions for patients regarding their insurance coverage for procedures. 
A Better Mammogram Experience! 
At 49, I’ve had a number of 2D mammograms, and in my case, a follow- up ultrasound has been ordered for the past several years, so when I learned about the 3D Mammogram technology now offered at the Women’s Imaging Center, I was all in – mostly because I was curious if better imaging technology would cut out another day of missed time at work for an ultrasound appointment. I am happy to report that one quick 3D mammogram appointment was all that was needed for Dr. Chang to give the all clear; Ivy gave me a call to let me know my scan was normal. Not only were the results fast, the Women’s Imaging Center knows how to treat a lady. It may be adjacent to a bustling hospital, but when you step into the Women’s Imaging Center, you are immediately greeted and, after some brief paperwork, invited to an interior waiting lounge where assorted teas, coffee, granola bars and Lorna Doone cookies are provided – perfect for days when there’s no time for breakfast (that was me, enjoying mango tea and cookies!) or for patients who have had to fast. 
The low lighting, soft music, and cozy seating are more reminiscent of a spa appointment than an imaging appointment. Roomy private dressing rooms are provided for changing into the cozy (and even pretty) capes that open in the front but crisscross for full coverage. White cotton terry robes are available as well, but I felt quite comfortable without the extra robe. Private lockers with keyed locks are available for belongings and the key is attached to a bracelet you can wear on your wrist. 
Mammography Technologist Jennifer Kriel was simply excellent! Her friendly manner puts one at ease and it is clear that she is experienced at making patients comfortable during the all-important positioning that comes along with a mammogram. Jennifer was gentle, kind and genuine. 
If you aren’t convinced yet to make that call for your yearly mammogram, it may help to know that the Women’s Imaging Center accepts most insurance plans and offers a $60 2D mammogram screening including the radiologists reading. And did you know you can have a Self-Referral Mammography Screening? Physician referrals are not required for screening mammograms, which are covered by Medicare and most private insurance plans. And for those without insurance, self-pay rates are available and the Breast Patient Navigator, Nurse Ivy, can direct you to the resources you need. 
The Women’s Imaging Center is housed within the Medical Arts Building at Medical Center of Trinity, located at 9332 State Road 54, Suite 401, in Trinity, FL. Find more information at and for an appointment, call (727) 834-4000.
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