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Published on 13 September 2016 in Business
Kim Thomas (editor)

Kim Thomas

Inspired Design Hair Studio

Inspired Design Hair Studio

Inspired Design Hair Studio in Trinity is growing under the leadership of owner Pamela French, who is passionate about her trade and the talented stylists under her direction who use their gifts help each client become their most beautiful, individual, unique self. For Pamela, this is far more than a career; it is a way to help others to feel wonderful. 
Pamela says, “It is about them looking in the mirror and saying, ‘Wow, I look GREAT!’” For Pamela and the stylists at Inspired Design, each client gives them an opportunity to express their artistry. She continues, “The cut is picture we draw and texture is like shading it in, while color brings our designs to life in a very individual way.” 

Inspired Design Hair Studio

Inspired Design Hair Studio

Inspired Design stylists use Rusk Deep Shine Conditioning Cream Advanced Therapy Hair Color (a mouthful, but Pam says that is for a great reason). “So many people have allergies to gluten, and even worse is corn, so we researched into the ingredients to be sure our hair color is safe for those clients,” says Pamela. The Rusk color line used at the salon is PPH-free, paraben-free, and free of corn by-products, and the Advanced Marine Nutrient Complex repairs the hair shaft, while giving 100% gray coverage and impeccable shine. Pamela adds, “Another plus for us as artists is that it’s a pure tone, preblended color line that gives colorists the ability to take base colors and create a complete world of colors. The joke for us is that, ‘Our box of crayons just got bigger!’ We can create more than 100 different shades of red alone! You can only imagine the reds, coppers, browns and blondes we are able to create in order to honor each client’s individual look.” 
For the client, the most important thing to know is that the hair color line used at Inspired Design has a mere 2% of ammonia because of the advanced micro-pigment technology that allows the color to penetrate the hair shaft without blowing the cuticle open and damaging the hair. It also creates a longer lasting color because the color molecules aren’t battling for space with other elements, even something as simple as moisture. “Science is a huge part of color, which is another reason we choose the product lines we use and carry,” says Pamela. “Science, mixed with art, mixed with education, equals amazing stylists and beautiful clients. We love Rusk because it stands behind Salon owners and professional stylists in a strong, beautiful way by offering constant education to us. This is so important because styles and technology are always changing. Even when the older era styles come back around, it is always done in a new, creative way.” 
A prime example of trends changing is in the popularity of vibrant, fun colors, which Pamela has been wearing in different ways and shades (mostly pinks) for over 15 years. And, is there anything new for blondes? Pamela says, “And yes to our beautiful blondes out there! We have you covered as well by choosing lighteners that will lift without destroying the hair. Healthy, beautiful hair is our goal, and yes, even the patterns and trends for blondes continue to change – from highlights to balayage, and baby lights to ombre – but with our ongoing education with Rusk, we stay at the forefront of the industry. We strive to take advantage of as many hands-on color and cutting classes as possible. Our goal is one class every six months (for each stylist).” 
Men’s styling also is on point at Inspired Design. “Men’s hair designs have had a huge change, something that hasn’t happened since the midnineties,” says Pam. Men’s designs were the focus for the Inspired Design team at the hair show this year. “We are so excited to see all the amazing new trends in men’s designs that we focused all of our classes on exactly that: Men’s Design and products as well as upcoming trends for men.” 

Products for Home Hair Care 


Inspired Design Hair Studio

Inspired Design Hair Studio

A lot of research was taken into consideration when choosing Rusk for Inspired Design’s color line because Pam wanted to offer clients exquisite, rich color without unnecessary harmful additives. The same consideration has been given to the retail products available at Inspired Design. The shampoos, conditioners and design products have been carefully chosen, and science-based, with a varied selection to meet every clients’ specific hair care and styling needs. Not only does the stylists help clients find the products that help them get the look at home that was created in the salon, but when the salon restocks, it earns them education points, enabling them to continually strive to be better for clients. 
Pam suggests you look at it this way. “If your hair is the outfit you wear every day and you spend money on a perfect design, just for you, think of it like a beautifully tailored dress or suit – would you take that home and wash it with dish soap? The same concept applies to your specially designed hair color so we specifically chose shampoos and conditioners that support longevity of color and health of the hair and scalp. As for styling products, we choose products to support the design we created just for you in order to achieve the same look at home. We specifically pick and use them in the salon so we know if it will work perfectly for you before you buy it. Not all gels and putties are the same, and you will actually save money by not playing grocery-store-roulette. Another important factor in choosing products is that we are always focused on the perfect product first, and cost effectiveness second, but always keeping our clients budgets in mind is key to us. 
“So even when it comes to the pricing of our services here at Inspired Design, it is carefully done and we strive to keep humble in our pricing. Our goal is to balance our love for what we do, using our talents to help others feel beautiful, while still having the ability to support ourselves and our families.” 

Strength in Giving 

Pamela feels very grateful to her clients for their wonderful support. When she decided she wanted to do some mission work and vowed to give up smoking – they cheered her on! Recently, the work and dedication paid off when Pamela had the opportunity to share her knowledge with others across the globe in Uganda where she went on a mission trip with a group from her church, Grow Life Church in Wesley Chapel, to The Light Village, which is run by One City Ministries. With love and support behind her, Pamela is now a non-smoker (a big plus on the 30-hour trip to Uganda!), and many of her clients even helped her to raise funds for the trip. “Quitting was difficult, no doubt,” shares Pamela. “But I kept saying giraffe, giraffe, giraffe – don’t smoke! You’re going to Africa so don’t smoke!” And her clients helped! Gifts of giraffes kept pouring in to keep her motivated. “Ultimately,” says Pamela, “it was as if each person who helped support me, came along on the trip with me in some way.” Clients wrote words of encouragement and bible verses on cards that were super special to Pamela because they became birthday well wishes as she celebrated her birthday in Uganda. 
Inspired Design Hair Studio is growing quickly and Pamela is always on the lookout for talented stylists. Stylists are required to audition, and must have a desire to provide stellar customer service. 

Adam Hicks is a new team member who also is a Rusk Designer / Educator

Adam Hicks is a new team member who also is a Rusk Designer / Educator

“Our passion and desire is to provide our customers with a peaceful, no-drama, gossip-free environment where our talents can shine on our clients and help them to not only let go of their daily stresses but to walk out feeling like their most beautiful or handsome self.” 
Follow Inspired Design Hair Studio on Facebook to stay up-to-date on upcoming events and specials. Another “Blow Dry Boot Camp” will be scheduled soon due to the high demand after the previous free class. Inspired Design Hair Studio is located at Trinity Oaks Plaza, 9945 Trinity Blvd, Suite 102 (between Little Rd. and Duck Slough Blvd.), and is open Tues. – Fri., from 10 a.m. – 7 p.m., and on Sat. from 9:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Log on to for more information, and to book an appointment with a stylist, please call 727-375-9181.

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  • Inspired Design Hair Studio
  • Inspired Design Hair Studio
  • Inspired Design Hair Studio
  • Adam Hicks is a new team member who also is a Rusk Designer / Educator
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