Meadowlawn Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens Helps to Celebrate the Life of Your Loved One with Compassion and Dignity

Published on 13 September 2016 in Business
Julie Kanehl (author)

Julie Kanehl

Meadowlawn Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens

Meadowlawn Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens

Meadowlawn Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens is devoted to compassionately caring for the family, friends, and communities of those who have lost a loved one. Serving the New Port Richey area for decades, Meadowlawn Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens is experienced at creating a completely personalized memorial service, tending to every detail, and working with families and friends to make sure that every need is met. Conveniently located at 4244 Madison Street in New Port Richey, Meadowlawn Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens is a lovely and unique facility and the experienced staff truly cares about providing a uniquely personalized experience; whether helping individuals and families with pre-planning or helping to create a celebration of life that honors the individuality of the families served and their lost loved one. 
What people truly appreciate about Meadowlawn Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens is their commitment to providing a tender and compassionate hand in a time of need, while being wholly focused on their sacred duty in laying a loved one to rest. While the subject of planning a funeral is a topic that seems taboo, more and more people are seeing the benefit of having those conversations now instead of later, and in turn, relieving their loved ones of having to make difficult decisions while grieving. Meadowlawn provides families with a Personal Planning Guide to assist in making all of the decisions and desires known. 

Meadowlawn Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens

Meadowlawn Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens

The options now are many, and the decisions are much harder when trying to decide these things for someone else, especially if you haven’t talked about what their personal wishes. As a result, more and more people are pre-planning their arrangements in advance. As people take control of the inevitable, they find a sense of peace in writing the closing chapter to their own story. There’s a sense of relief in knowing that everything is tended to, and in a way, it is a final gift to those they love. As more and more people have taken to making these decisions earlier, there’s been a trend towards holding a “celebration of life,” as opposed to a traditional funeral home service, as many people don’t want their loved ones to mourn their passing, but to share stories about them, listen to their favorite music, and most of all, share warm memories of their time together. 

Meadowlawn Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens has gone the extra step to create a facility that caters to every type of service for those of all faiths, and for those who favor either the traditional or the unique, by creating a space that is customizable to your specific wishes. Offering catering services, and a beautiful space that is reminiscent of a wedding reception hall, the beautifully appointed facility can be decorated any way that you wish. 

Meadowlawn Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens

Meadowlawn Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens


Life Well Celebrated 

General Manager Karla MacLaren, PHR, says, “I believe the thing that makes us different is that we have remodeled the facility to partner with the families to celebrate the life of their loved one. In fact, ‘Life Well Celebrated’ is our company’s new initiative.” Adding, “When families come in and they have lost a loved one, we work with them to try to create a very meaningful life celebration. We ask them many questions about their loved ones. What brought them joy? What made them laugh? What did the perfect day look like for them? From there, we create something personal.” Karla explains that it is important to them to take the time to talk to friends and families in order to create a truly special occasion that honors and celebrates the uniqueness of loved ones lost. “Part of this is the environment. In celebrating the life well lived, we provide round tables, which are more conducive to conversation and sharing, which can be healing during a time of loss,” says Karla. “We really focus on the memories of the families to create something much more holistic in nature.” 
Meadowlawn Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens has created innumerable events, allowing families of all faiths to celebrate the life and mourn the loss of someone they love, in a way that is personal, professional and unique. 

Elizabeth Brotman, said, “My mother’s funeral service was absolutely amazing and everything was perfect! I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to help my family with every detail of my mom’s service. The music, the flowers, the decorations, pictures, everything that helped celebrate my mother’s life in the most special way possible. Everyone that attended was commenting on what a beautiful service Meadowlawn had prepared for her and will be remembered. I will miss my mom forever and Meadowlawn made it special.” 

Know Your Options, Have the Talk, and Pre-Plan 

While this might not be your favorite topic of conversation, it could very well become the topic you wish you’d discussed. When someone you love passes away, there are a lot of decisions that need to be made, from the type of funeral service, to how they would like to be laid to rest. The lovely people at Meadowlawn Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens can help you make these decisions, and they are there for you every step of the way. When you are making these decisions for yourself, you are simply providing peace of mind to those you love and to yourself, knowing they can then follow your instructions and be comforted by knowing that they are giving you the kind of closure that you would have wanted. 
Simple questions that can be easily answered can save your family heartache, so the first step is to think about the many options available to you, to make some decisions, and share what you’ve decided. Talk about what kind of service you would like, and if you would want a celebration of life, or a more traditional service. Do you prefer to be buried, and where? Or, perhaps you want to be buried but your spouse prefers cremation – there is still a way that you could rest together if it is preplanned. It’s a personal decision, and one that is hard to make for someone else. Meadowlawn Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens has worked with many families throughout the years who have preferred to be laid to rest together, but in different ways, per their personal requests. 

Meadowlawn’s compassionate staff can help by clarifying and reserving your choices and documenting them, and they make the preplanning process as easy as possible. When the time comes, they can seamlessly put your plans into place, while helping your loved ones celebrate your life. 
In the event that pre-planning is not an option, the professional staff at Meadowlawn Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens are ready and on-call – in person, by phone, and online – to communicate with you and to offer you and your loved ones the help they need during a difficult time. 
Meadowlawn Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens is located at 4244 Madison Street in New Port Richey. Please call 727-849-9281 for more information, or visit them online at

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