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Published on 19 October 2012 in Business
Katie Thomas (author)

Katie Thomas


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Advanced Dermatology is the largest dermatology practice in America and has built the thriving business on dedication to a “patient first” mentality. Advanced Dermatology recently opened a wonderful new office in New Port Richey off Seven Springs Boulevard, bringing top of the line dermatological care and cosmetic enhancement procedures to your area.

Dr. Matt L. Leavitt founded advanced Dermatology in 1990. After establishing three private dermatology practices in Orlando, Dr. Leavitt began expanding throughout Florida and now has over 50 practices offering dermatological procedures that are headed by top dermatology experts. The Advanced Dermatology group allows patients the convenience of getting immediate advice and appointments with a qualified expert.

Advanced Dermatology is built on convenience. Clients can receive a full dermatology exam that includes treatment of rashes, acne, skin disorders, skin cancer prevention, skin cancer surgery and other epidermis care issues, as well as receiving the benefits of on-site cosmetic procedures.

Cosmetic procedures include, but are not limited to Botox, Juvederm, chemical peels and clinical facials. Paired together, general dermatology and cosmetic enhancement procedures allow clients to look and feel their best in a safe and professional environment.

The staff at the new Advanced Dermatology office in New Port Richey is friendly, welcoming and professional. I had the chance to go in and meet the ladies at Advanced Dermatology who gave me an in-depth explanation about their practice. Gina Ayers, Location Manager, explained the well-rounded services Advanced Dermatology offers. Along with general dermatology, Advanced Dermatology has top-of-the-line cosmetic products, skin care tips and a licensed medical aesthetician on staff to pamper you while caring for your facial needs.

Gina introduced me to Advanced Dermatology’s personal line of pharmaceutical skin care products, R Essentials; a product that will refresh, renew and replenish your skin. From anti-aging kits to acne corrective products and skin moisturizes, R Essentials was custom developed by Dr. Leavitt to fit the needs of all different skin types.


(L-R) Gina Ayers, Holly Laufenberg, Bev Chawk, ARNP, Jennifer Goldammer & Marina Carroll

(L-R) Gina Ayers, Holly Laufenberg, Bev Chawk, ARNP, Jennifer Goldammer & Marina Carroll


When you visit Advanced Dermatology, you will have a choice to meet with Dr. Winitsky or Advanced Dermatology’s Nurse Practitioner, Bev Chawk. I had the opportunity to meet with Bev. Her professionalism and easy-going nature will set patients at ease and allow them to relax knowing they are in capable hands. Bev has been with Advanced Dermatology for the past 14 years. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from St. Leo College with a B.A. in Psychology. She received her Masters of Science Degree for Family Nurse Practitioners at the University of South Florida. Bev is a member of Florida Nurses Association, American Nurses Association, American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, Dermatology Nurses Association (DNA) and is nationally certified through the DNA as a Dermatology Certified Nurse Practitioner with an emphasis on general/medical and cosmetic dermatology. Bev’s experience in the nursing and dermatology field have allowed her to apply her expertise with patients, giving them the best possible care and advice. Bev says, “We want people to know that we are here. Advanced Dermatology is a reputable foundation and our services are known as outstanding throughout the state.”

Bev and Dr. Winitsky offer basic dermatology services, perform skin cancer surgeries and are able to provide cosmetic procedures with the aide and expertise of aesthetician Marina Carroll.

Marina received her M.B.A. in Russia and after college moved to Florida. Marina’s family has always been involved in cosmetics – she has had a passion for helping people feel their most beautiful since she was a child. Marina says, “After I received my Masters in business I planned on helping my family with the business aspect of cosmetology. I soon realized that I was more attracted to the procedures of cosmetics than working with the business side.” Marina moved to Florida and received a license as an aesthetician in order to pursue a line of work that helps people feel more beautiful with healthy, radiant skin. Marina utilizes her skills as an Aesthetician in correspondence with Bev and Dr. Winitsky’s medical expertise to give patients the best possible treatments.

“It is always important to help our clients improve themselves,” says Marina. “My goal is to listen to what skin problems bother the patients and then I help them figure out how to best correct issues. Many times patients can’t determine the root of their skin care problems, that is why we are here, to get to the root of the problem source.”

Marina’s signature treatment is the Advanced Facial, which requires no down time and is perfect for the dry, winter months. The Advanced Facial consists of an intensive treatment that involves a mild peel, extractions, masque and facial massage. The treatment rapidly and safely resurfaces the skin, reduces fine lines, smoothes and softens the skin while encouraging cellular renewal.


R Essentials is an exclusive line custom developed by Dr. Leavitt to fit the needs of all skin types

R Essentials is an exclusive line custom developed by Dr. Leavitt to fit the needs of all skin types


The Advanced Dermatology team in New Port Richey understands the importance of healthy vibrant skin. Marina says, “It is worth your time to put great care into your skin because it will ultimately help you feel healthier, more beautiful and happier."

General dermatology and cosmetic care work hand in hand together to make you feel your best. At Advanced Dermatology you will receive the best of skin care, whether you are looking for a full body skin cancer check, acne treatments, cosmetic surgery, clinical facials, peels, microdermabrasion or anti-aging cosmetic treatments.

Feel and look your best with the help of Advanced Dermatology’s team of qualified professionals.

Advanced Dermatology is located at 2114 Seven Springs Blvd., Suite 250 in New Port Richey. For more information, call (727) 835-0477 or visit online,

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  • (L-R) Gina Ayers, Holly Laufenberg, Bev Chawk, ARNP, Jennifer Goldammer & Marina Carroll
  • R Essentials is an exclusive line custom developed by Dr. Leavitt to fit the needs of all skin types
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