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Published on 20 December 2013 in Business
Julie Kanehl (author)

Julie Kanehl


Location(s): Doctor's Choice Weight Loss - Trinity Office, Doctor's Choice Weight Loss - Spring Hill Office
Dr. John Opyoke & Dr. Peter Duic

Dr. John Opyoke & Dr. Peter Duic

It’s that time of year when our discipline tends to wane, starting with last month’s turkey and losing ground with every Christmas cookie and holiday dinner. If you want to get serious about finally losing weight and learning how to eat right in the process, visit Doctor’s Choice Weight Loss in Trinity. Whether you want to take off the pesky pounds that you’ve gained over the holidays or lose a significant amount of weight, the professionals at Doctor’s Choice Weight Loss are ready to tailor-make a program designed to work just for you. 

Doctor’s Choice Weight Loss is part of Suncoast Urgent Care, which has two locations; one here in Trinity, in The Trinity Village Center next to Let’s Party and Crispers, and a second location in Spring Hill. Both facilities offer a medically supervised weight loss program for patients. Suncoast Urgent Care also offers high quality medical care for everything from “Common Colds to Broken Bones.” 

Board Certified Physicians Peter C. Duic, MD and John P. Opyoke, MD co-developed Doctor’s Choice Weight Loss to offer patients a safe and effective way to lose unhealthy, excess weight. Dr. Duic says, “One of our physicians meets personally with each new client to discuss what their goals are, as well as to discuss how our diet program is designed to enable the patient to lose weight.” 

The initial workup for weight loss includes a physical, lab work and an EKG. The doctor will go over your medical history in order to best understand your current health and weight loss goals - this information helps to design a program that is individualized based on your personal health needs and weight loss goals. 

The experienced physicians at Doctor’s Choice Weight Loss work with each client to determine whether or not Vitamin B12, a mulitvitamin and/or appetite suppressants will be included in their program. Dr. Duic states that he always enjoys his first encounter with new clients: “I learn about their hopes and goals, their lifestyle and possible health issues. All of this sheds light on how I can assist that individual, both with diet design, lifestyle modification and, if they choose, vitamins and/or an appetite suppressant. I am confident new clients are starting on a journey from which I have seen countless patients derive great fulfillment.” 

While each program is unique to each patient, the program revolves around creating a safe and healthy approach to losing weight for each patient, beginning with a low calorie diet and a new understanding of the way that the foods that you eat affect your body. Once the weight starts coming off, usually at a rate of 1–3 pounds per week, patients really get motivated. They can see the fat just melting off, and while they look better, they also feel better. It’s not a one-sizefits- all diet, which is why it’s better. Taking the time to understand each patient’s unique goals, the professionals at Doctor’s Choice Weight Loss customize the program for optimal results. 

Susan Opyoke, RDLD

Susan Opyoke, RDLD

Additionally, patients have the option to spend one-on-one time with Susan D. Opyoke, RDLD. Susan is a Registered Dietician who is Board Certified and completely committed to each of her patients. Susan has helped hundreds of people since Suncoast Urgent Care (formerly named Trinity Urgent Care) and Doctor’s Choice Weight Loss opened their doors to the community 6 1/2 years ago. 

Susan says, “One of the aspects of Doctor’s Choice Weight Loss that differentiates us from other programs is that, if a patient chooses to work with me, it is a complimentary part of the program. I meet with clients either in person or on the phone, by appointment, and I am also available by email. I work with clients to create a personalized diet and we review the aspects of healthy eating. While most people know what is and what isn’t healthy, many people fall into a rut. They forget to plan their meals, and they go through fast food lines when eating on the go and not taking any time for themselves. With our program, we work together and discuss how healthier eating can actually work even though our lives are busy. We also work on what to eat and what not to eat in a way that will still allow you to go to parties and live your life.” 

Susan adds, “For the clients who choose to utilize me, I really like to see them weekly at the beginning, and when they see the weight coming off consistently, the accountability makes sense to them. It’s very fast. What makes us unique and different from other programs is that not only are my services a free component, we also offer a maintenance program completely free. This gives us the opportunity to help you maintain your weight loss, - which for some can be the hardest part.” 

With each visit, in addition to looking at how much weight has been lost, clients can expect a health check, an evaluation of their tolerance to any vitamins or suppressants they may be taking, as well as an optional visit with a physician and/or the dietitian. 

Susan says, “The majority of the patients who come in see significant results and are able to keep the weight off when they follow the program. Doctor’s Choice Weight Loss can work for anyone; it’s really weight loss for everybody, whether you have 15 to 20 pounds to lose, or 60 to 100 pounds to lose.” 

The New Year is fast approaching, and it is time to make your resolution stick – you can do it at Doctor’s Choice Weight Loss where results are proven. You only have this one life, so give it all you’ve got! Get a jump on 2014 by looking and feeling better about your body now. What are you waiting for? 

Doctor’s Choice Weight Loss is part of Suncoast Urgent Care, which has 2 locations: 10730 S.R. 54, Suite 104 in The Trinity Village Center, and at 4112 Mariner Blvd. in Spring Hill. Both locations open 7 days a week; Mon.–Sat., 9 a.m.–9 p.m. and 10 a.m.–4 p.m. on Sun. Please call 372-3888 to make an appointment; for more information. 

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