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Published on 20 December 2013 in Business
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Dr. Minici and his staff are friendly, attentive and professional!

Dr. Minici and his staff are friendly, attentive and professional!

James D. Minici, DDS serves Trinity and the surrounding Tampa Bay area with outstanding, professional general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services. He has been in the area since 1980, giving his patients reason to smile for more than thirty years. Dr. Minici’s office is easily accessible, right on Seven Springs Boulevard. You can feel confident and assured when you step into the office of Dr. Minici because you know that you are receiving dental care from an experienced and professional team.

Dr. Minici graduated from the University of Buffalo in 1978 and then moved to Florida with his wife Peggy for his internship at Hillsborough County Research Society of General Dentistry. He and Peggy soon realized that they were falling in love with the Florida weather and chose to work on opening a practice in their community. In 1980, Dr. Minici began seeing patients at his private practice on S.R. 54 and soon gained the approval and appreciation of his community as a well-trusted and skilled dentist. Dr. Minici runs a wellestablished, clean and professionally staffed office that Peggy helps manage. You will always be greeted with friendly, courteous service. The Minicis and their staff take great pride in building long-lasting relationships with each individual patient. After forty years of marriage and working side-by-side, Dr. Minici and Peggy truly take the time to welcome patients into their family-friendly practice.

Set in a spacious, bright and cheery office, Dr. Minici’s practice offers comfort, style and the best in dental services to patients. Both general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry are available. With six exam rooms that host the latest in dental technologies, you can relax knowing that you are receiving advanced care.

Dr. Minici’s office utilizes a 3m digital scanner for crowns, which allow a digital image to be sent electronically to the lab for faster results. Digital crown scanners allow for minimal adjustments and a more precise fit because it gets the perfect scan of your mouth. Digital x-rays are also utilized in Dr. Minici’s office, making your xrays completely thorough and easily viewable on the exam room computers to show you the complete layout of your mouth.

Along with the best technology in x-rays and crown scanning, Dr. Minici provides implant restorations and Avadent digital impressions for dentures. Avadent allows Dr. Minici to get digital impressions on patients. Since everything is electronic, patients never have to take impressions again. Dr. Minici can just take the existing mold and have a new set of dentures fabricated if your set gets lost or damaged. Since your impressions are on digital file, you won’t have to go through the process of making new molds again!

A PerioLase® dental laser helps keep your gums healthy. This laser machine allows Dr. Minici to trim the gum tissue without surgery and offers his patients faster healing time with minimal recovery. Local anesthesia also is available at Dr. Minici’s office and allows patients to rest at ease during dental processes while being able to go home right after.

Dr. Minici says, “I always felt that it’s important to give people options about their oral health. We offer payment options, restorative options, and make sure each patient fully understands the work they are receiving here before we start the process.”

Peggy and Dr. Minici are proud of their excellent staff and receive may compliments from patients regarding the personal treatment received in office.

One patient says, “Dr. Minici is always present and attentive and happily answers all of my questions. Every concern or question I had for my hygienist and Dr. Minici are always addressed and answered thoroughly.”

The professional reputation of excellence that Dr. Minici has gained within the community is much deserved and he honors his devoted community by giving back. Dr. Minici participates in several charities throughout the year. He volunteers at Gulfcoast Regional Dental Outreach and also is involved in Christina’s Smile, which is a mobile dental Linux that treats indigent children. He is a past board member of Pasco County Retarded Citizens Board and currently works with developmentally disabled people that come to him for his services all the way from St. Pete.

Dr. Minici works with all age groups and types of people; his time spent with each individual is the true difference he makes within our community.

New patients can download forms before coming into the office and can find new patient instructions online. Dr. Minici makes certain that patients are fully informed before their visit. He offers really affordable pro-fees so patients don’t have to stress about getting twice-a-year cleanings. Dr. Minici is skilled and professional in his work, and he and his staff are fully dedicated to providing excellent dental care in a happy environment.

The office of James D. Minici DDS is located at 2220 Seven Springs Blvd. in New Port Richey. Hours are 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. on Mon. & Tues.; 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. on Wed. & Thurs.; and 8 a.m. – noon on Fri.

For more information or to set an appointment, please call (727) 375- 7370, or visit online at www.JamesDMiniciDDS.com for new patient forms and a full list of services.

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  • Dr. Minici and his staff are friendly, attentive and professional!
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