Florida Wellness Provides Comprehensive Care for Every Ache, Sniffle, and Sprain

Published on 1 August 2017 in Business
Marcy Sanford (author)

Marcy Sanford

Florida Wellness & Rehab

Florida Wellness & Rehab

For more than 10 years Florida Wellness has been a trusted medical center for area residents looking for excellent comprehensive medical care. Now with the opening of the fifth office, Florida Wellness has locations in downtown Tampa, South Tampa, Carrollwood, Zephyrhills, and the Trinity Area of New Port Richey, making it even more convenient for patients to receive expert medical care for every ache, sniffle, and sprain. The multidisciplinary practice specializes in providing the best possible care in sports medicine, traditional family medicine, and wellness, as well as weight loss and hormone replacement therapy. The highly qualified and experienced team at Florida Wellness includes doctors, nurses, technicians, chiropractors, massage therapists, and physical therapists, thus enabling this well-rounded medical center to help patients with a great variety of medical and health issues.   


Florida Wellness is home to experts in their respective fields:  Hormone replacement therapy, stem cell therapy, pain management, and medical weight loss. “We offer a lot of different disciplines,” says Stephen Unger, DC, “but we have specialists who provide evidence-based medical treatment.”


Sports Medicine:  From weekend warriors to child athletes, desk workers to accident victims, Florida Wellness see patients who are suffering from all different types of injuries. “Every sport has something that can go wrong,” says Dr. Unger, “and any repetitive motion can eventually break down your muscles or joints and cause pain.”


Florida Wellness can help you get back on the track. Their compassionate medical professionals will look at your overall record and determine what treatment will be most effective for you – alignment, physical therapy, medicine, massage therapy – Florida Wellness is able to provide overall sports medicine care. And because they have one centralized system, doctors can see what treatment you’ve already received and work together to make sure you heal as quickly as possible.


In addition to a full sports injury care, Florida Wellness has chiropractors that are trained in acupuncture and are experts in trigger point injections. 


Primary Care:  Florida Wellness’ primary care physicians offer overall annual and daily care for all your health needs whether you need an annual exam, care for a chronic condition, or help recovering from an infection.


Florida Wellness’ patient-first attitude has been receiving rave reviews from patients and their families. They always are looking for ways to put their patients’ care first and make receiving care easier. With the introduction of their revolutionary new App, established patients can receive care even if you can’t make it into their office. Dr. Unger explains, “If our patients are too sick or too busy to come into the office, they can have a HIPPA compliant e-visit with one of our doctors or nurses. If the doctor determines that they need medicine, we can have it shipped to their home within hours.”


Allergy Treatments:  If allergies have you feeling miserable, Florida Wellness is home to experts who can help you. Once they’ve tested and determined what you are allergic to, they can treat you with drops instead of shots. Dr. Unger says the liquid drops are easily ingested and will eventually help you no longer be allergic to the mold, plants, or animals that make you sneeze.


Medical Weight Loss & Hormone Replacement Therapy:  Another important medical service Florida Wellness provides is medical weight loss and hormone replacement therapy. “We have a lot of patients come in and want to know if their testosterone levels are low,” says Dr. Unger. “We do a full panel of blood work to determine what hormones are low and then base our therapy on the results. Often we treat our patients with a combination of diet modifications, exercise, and hormone therapy.” Florida Wellness also helps patients determine the best medical weight loss plan and guides and supports them every step of the way with weekly check-ins.


Convenient Locations & Hours:  Florida Wellness has five locations across Hillsborough and Pasco Counties from downtown Tampa to Zephyrhills, Trinity to South Tampa and their newest Carrollwood location. As a patient of Florida Wellness you can visit the location that is most convenient to you. This makes it easy for you to get expert medical care no matter where you work or live. The downtown location even has early morning and late evening hours to accommodate your work schedule. Many of the clinics also offer weekend hours.


Great Reviews:  Garnering 4.9 stars on Google reviews, Florida Wellness is a patient favorite.  Melissa Kindt recently shared, “Finally! I don’t mind coming to the dr. The staff is so helpful and friendly. Dr. Newby takes her time and answers all my questions.”  Another recent review from Lisa Marshall states, “Amazing! Listen to you and you don’t spend a lot of time waiting to be seen. The entire staff is lovely!!!”


Florida Wellness accepts most major insurances. For more information or to schedule an appointment with Florida Wellness in Trinity, please call 727-264-8888.  Find more information at www.FloridaWell.com or www.chiropractortrinity.com.


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