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Published on 1 August 2017 in News
Katie Thomas (author)

Katie Thomas

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Exceeding standards in the industry and putting the community first has been the priority and mission of Dale Webb Roofing for nearly three decades. For the past 28 years Dale Webb Roofing has provided lasting, high-quality roofing services in our community that include new installations and replacement roofing, including shingle, metal and flat roofing, as well as roofing repairs, restorations, and solar attic fan installations. The Dale Webb Roofing team upholds their dedication to providing neighbors with exceptional customer service, quality products and honest work. This locally owned company has earned a stellar reputation throughout Pasco County and beyond for having trustworthy, dependable service.


“My work is my name and I believe in upholding the great reputation I have built for myself and my family,” says owner Dale Webb. “I feel lucky to have been in the business for a substantial amount of time. The life expectancy of a roof is usually about 20 years, and since I’ve been in the community for so long, I have had the chance to work with families who I helped over twenty-odd years ago. It feels good to know people remember your service and name.”


A New Port Richey native, Dale has the experience, knowledge and quality assurance you need when dealing with the roof over your family’s home. Dale was born in 1960 at Tarpon General Hospital (New port Richey did not yet have the wonderful hospital community it does now). He grew up a true New Port Richey kid, playing baseball, enjoying the beautiful Pasco County land and reaching towards adulthood throughout the 60s and 70s, during a time of unlocked doors, muscle cars and a tight-knit community looking out for one another.


Dale learned the roofing and construction trade during his teen years, and in 1989, at the age of 28, he obtained his roofing license and opened Dale Webb Roofing, Inc.  Ever since, he has offered his services at fair value, with the highest standards of ethics to the good community he considers his lifetime home. Married to another New Port Richey native, Dr. Florenda Fortner, Dale and his wife come from families who value community and working in businesses that help others. Dale has always worked under Dale Webb Roofing and has even kept the same phone number for 28 years! His company has successfully completed over 5,000 roofing jobs, both residential and commercial.


Dale Webb Roofing doesn’t outsource work to subcontractors; they don’t need to because the company has a great team. Foreman Mike Rueker has been with Dale Webb Roofing for over 25 years, and none of the employees have been there less than ten years! Office manager Sharon Gillispie has been with the company for 18 years and knows the ins-and-outs of dealing with homeowner’s insurance companies as well as permitting, making sure everything runs smoothly for their customers.


Dale Webb Roofing is a licensed and insured state roofing contractor, and you can trust that you are receiving superior service. Dale explained to me that when having someone come into your home for construction or working on your roof, you should always ask to see their licensing. “Anyone on the up-and-up will not be offended if you request to see their eligibility,” says Dale. “We have recently been seeing that many of the consumers we have worked with in the past year have been previously ripped off or received work by an unlicensed contractor. One over $20,000 even! Be careful of Craigslist-type contractors and always check your roofer’s licensing!”


Dale provides all estimations himself for free and you will always see him on the jobsite, ensuring quality control. Dale Webb Roofing always keeps a clean workspace and works efficiently, keeping all safety precautions foremost in mind. Dale is a member of the West Pasco Chamber of Commerce and is an Accredited Business by the Better Business Bureau. He is GAF Certified, as well.


Local homeowners, who have worked with Dale Webb, love him!


Eric F. gives a rave review, saying, “No one wants to get a new roof. When you realize you need one, the panic sets in – you ask yourself questions like, ‘Will this cost me an arm and a leg?’ ‘Will the company still be around in a few years in case there’s an issue?’ And most importantly, ‘Will I get my money’s worth?’ My wife and I have been dreading having to get a new roof for six years - we had a leak that we managed by placing a bucket in the attic. The roof looked horrible, the color was nasty, and although we wanted to paint our ugly colored home for years, we didn’t want to do it until we got a new roof and we knew it would be expensive (or so we thought). Well, the time finally came and we started to research roofing companies and obtaining quotes. Imagine our surprise when 2 of the 4 companies (well-rated) who came out never even sent us a quote after our meeting – it was like they weren’t all that interested in our business. The two others who came out did quote us, and they were very close in price and online ratings/reviews. But Dale Webb Roofing impressed us the most. Why, you might ask? The answer is …Dale Webb himself! He came out to meet with us, do the quote, make suggestions and instilled in us trust and confidence. Word-of-mouth from a few other people when I mentioned his name helped to seal the deal. The warranty he offered helped our decision as well as the longevity of his business, as well as the makeup of his crew. These are men who have been with the same company, working together, for years – some of them over 10-15 years! That says something. From start to finish, Dale Webb Roofing exceeded our expectations. They were never late, they kept the disturbance and noise to a minimum, they cleaned up very well, and our roof is fantastic! It feels like we have a new home. We can be pretty picky, and I rarely write reviews, but I can 100% recommend Dale Webb Roofing to anyone in need of a new roof. We made the right choice, and I hope you do too!”


If you expect quality, craftsmanship, professionalism and fantastic service, then you have got to meet the Dale Webb Roofing team. Dale Webb is a great guy with a mindset for running a great business. He wants to give his community the best work available at fair pricing and build relationships that last a lifetime. His 28 years in the business says something for his company’s longevity, trustworthiness and quality of work.


Call Dale Webb Roofing Inc. at (727) 847-7524 or visit www.dalewebbroofing.comfor more information. Dale Webb Roofing is licensed, bonded and insured (LIC#CCC1326918).

Office hours are 8 a.m.–4 p.m., Mon. – Fri. and the office is located at 5610 Grand Blvd. in New Port Richey.

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